CloudBees Acquires Rollout
June 11, 2019

CloudBees announced the acquisition of Rollout, a secure feature management company providing software specifically targeted for developers and product teams.

The deal further strengthens CloudBees’ leadership in the continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) market, giving customers the ability to deliver new features safely, securely and quickly into production.

By bringing the Rollout team and their feature flag software into the CloudBees family, CloudBees is taking a step in the direction of enabling developers and teams to ship changes with freedom. The Rollout solution allows developers to continuously deliver changes, by enabling them to control both the roll out and roll back of features instantly on any platform, including mobile, regardless of deployment restrictions.

“Our goal is to help organizations deliver great, feature-rich software efficiently while minimizing risks associated with the deployment process,” said Sacha Labourey, CEO and co-founder of CloudBees. “The acquisition of Rollout gives CloudBees customers the flexibility to decouple features from software versions. Using Rollout on their trusted enterprise platform allows developers to test and merge changes with more confidence than ever before.”

Erez Rusovsky, CEO and co-founder of Rollout, who will take on the role of product director for the Rollout offering, said: “CloudBees has set the standard for excellence in CI and CD. Rollout joining forces with CloudBees is genuinely the case where 1+1=3. Feature flags and CI/CD combined help companies truly become continuous and increase the pace of innovation.”

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