BMC AMI DevX Code Insights and BMC AMI zAdviser Enterprise Released
November 28, 2023

BMC announced two new product innovations, BMC AMI DevX Code Insights and BMC AMI zAdviser Enterprise.

With the BMC AMI DevX Code Insights solution, next-generation developers can use automated intelligence to understand and break apart monolithic mainframe programs for faster changes to complex code.

The BMC AMI zAdviser Enterprise solution drives continuous improvement using AI/ML to accelerate the pace of mainframe DevOps transformation.

With the introduction of the BMC AMI DevX Code Insights solution, developers can maintain and extend their applications with confidence to:

- Understand how the application works in real time with runtime visualization

- Break apart monolithic programs into smaller, more manageable subprograms to isolate business logic and enable APIs

- Quickly remove dead code

- Analyze data flow and debug code

“BMC is empowering the next generation of developers and accelerating innovation for organizations,” said John McKenny, SVP and GM of Intelligent Z Optimization and Transformation at BMC. “BMC AMI DevX Code Insights and BMC AMI zAdviser Enterprise make the mainframe as approachable as any other platform, welcoming in a new era of fast and fearless mainframe application development.”

The BMC AMI zAdviser Enterprise solution helps DevOps managers harness the full potential of telemetry data using AI/ML to:

- Gain valuable insights into the adoption of DevOps tools

- Continuously improve debugging and testing

- Monitor critical metrics, including lead time for change, change failure rate, deployment frequency, and mean time to restore service

- Uphold code quality by detecting abnormal levels of regressions in application code

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