July 22, 2024
Ajay Kumar Mudunuri
Cigniti Technologies

Considering the growing sophistication and frequency of cyberattacks, enterprises must make security a priority when developing new applications. To protect sensitive data and preserve the integrity of corporate operations, it's essential to follow the best practices. This blog discusses the best practices for secure enterprise application development so that your subsequent application development becomes easy, safe, and time effective ...

June 17, 2024
Clyde Seepersad
Linux Foundation

As we all watch the technology industry shift to the latest technologies, languages, hardware, and more, the good news for DevOps professionals is that DevOps continues to be a top priority for organizations. As they forecast the talent needs, 51% of organizations have dedicated technical talent allocated to DevOps ...

June 13, 2024
Ajay Kumar Mudunuri
Cigniti Technologies

Software solution providers need to be more accurate and dedicated in their quality assurance of products and deliver that quality at speed. An amazing way to improve quality testing is to fail fast. Testing shouldn't ever take place in a silo ...

June 11, 2024
Josh Buker
Cloud Security Alliance

To help organizations navigate the myriad issues and challenges that arise when embedding security into the DevOps process and provide a path to success, the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), together with Software Assurance Forum for Excellence in Code (SAFECode), drafted a series of white papers based on six critical pillars described in CSA's Reflexive Security Framework ...

June 10, 2024
Kevin Macwan

The debate about the importance of code quantity versus code quality hinges on whether an appropriate balance between the two can be achieved. In some cases, writing large amounts of code can lead to overwhelming complexity, system maintenance challenges, and an increased likelihood of "bugs." Learning to write clean code takes significant effort and determination, requiring a vast knowledge of coding principles and patterns ...

June 05, 2024
Tushar Puri
Pegasus One

To align your DevOps strategy and plans with your organizational goals, you should start by setting a clear, measurable target that is in line with both your business and technology requirements ...

June 03, 2024
Ajay Kumar Mudunuri
Cigniti Technologies

There is no way to overestimate the significance of strong application security in the quickly changing digital world ... In this blog, we explore some key trends shaping the landscape of application security testing services in 2023 ...

May 06, 2024
Cat Hicks

The failure to keep pace with AI-assisted workflows, the "AI Skill Threat," has created fear among developers that their skills will become obsolete as they adapt to AI-assisted coding. To overcome this uncertainty, developers need strategic upskilling ...

April 17, 2024
Kathleen McKnight and Vinay Bhola

We've been monitoring perceptions of Artificial intelligence (AI) for over a decade and early on we hypothesized that developers might be skeptical and have a difficult time trusting AI. We were wrong ...

April 11, 2024
Ajay Kumar Mudunuri
Cigniti Technologies

To showcase the true value of DevOps implementation, organizations should focus on metrics that provide insights into the key areas that require improvement. Let's uncover the critical DevOps metrics that matter and help organizations demonstrate the business value of their unique transformation initiatives ...

April 08, 2024
Omkhar Arasaratnam

Using open source software has many benefits for organizations. It fosters transparency and innovation, provides flexibility and customization, cuts cost on development and enables collaboration among other developers. However, organizations could open themselves up to risks if the open source software isn't developed securely ...

March 19, 2024
Pete Goldin

Cloud development environment (CDE) adoption is growing rapidly, despite the fact it is an emerging technology, according to The Cloud Development Environment Adoption Report from Coder ...

March 12, 2024
Thomas Graf
eBPF Foundation

eBPF is a technology that allows users to run custom programs inside the Linux kernel, which changes the behavior of the kernel and makes execution up to 10x faster and more efficient for key parts of what makes our computing lives work. That includes observability, networking and security ...

March 06, 2024
Ajay Kumar Mudunuri
Cigniti Technologies

DevOps acts as an enabler when taking an application modernization approach ... As businesses evolve, embracing DevOps principles will be the cornerstone of their successful application modernization journey. These will ensure their software remains robust, secure, and user-friendly in the face of technological advancements and market demands. This blog explores the role of DevOps in application modernization ...

March 04, 2024
Jim Remsik

Small software design and development shops, those with less than 25 employees, operate differently from large sized operations with hundreds upon hundreds of staff. Small shops are nimble, often close knit, and employees are usually led directly by senior, hands-on practitioners. Still, faced with lesser budget and resources, small shops must constantly be on the lookout for ways to maximize teams. The following four tips can help owners and leaders fine tune their operations for greater performance, cost efficiency, profitability and employee satisfaction ...


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