APMdigest Launches Partner Site: DEVOPSdigest
September 22, 2015

Pete Goldin

APMdigest, the world's online forum for Application Performance Management and related technologies, has launched a new partner site, DEVOPSdigest. The new website will focus on technologies and processes related to DevOps, agile development, continuous delivery (CD), automation, testing and more.

DevOps has been a popular topic on APMdigest for a couple years, and the focus of some of the site's most popular content. Although DevOps and APM go hand in hand, now is the time to explore this topic in more depth with its very own website. Most of the previous APMdigest content related to DevOps and development has been moved to DEVOPSdigest, and starting with this launch DEVOPSdigest will be posting new and original content.

The goal of DEVOPSdigest will be to explore how organizations can leverage DevOps for their own success; how business, operations and development can work together; what types of tools are needed; and what other approaches are necessary for a world class development operation, such as agile and CD.

DEVOPSdigest will function in much the same way as APMdigest. It will feature a BIZDEVOPS Blog for analysts, consultants and other non-vendor experts, and a Vendor Forum where vendors can blog in an objective arena. Any current blogger from APMdigest automatically has an open blogging account on DEVOPSdigest, and any new DevOps experts will be welcome as well.

Like APMdigest, DEVOPSdigest is your community. It is your opportunity to blog on this topic, and get your ideas out there. It is very easy to get up and running with a blogging account. Simply contact Pete Goldin, Editor and Publisher of APMdigest and DEVOPSdigest if you want to open a new blogging account, or even if you have a suggestion for a topic you would like to see covered on DEVOPSdigest. Vendors also check out our Vendor Forum Guidelines.

I would also like to thank the great team at CA Technologies, our Charter Platinum Sponsor, who made the launch of DEVOPSdigest possible.

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