3 More DevOps Predictions for 2016 from Hewlett Packard Enterprise
January 06, 2016

Ashish Kuthiala
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

We're living in a digital revolution – it's a common cliché, but it's also truer with every day that passes. Savvy businesses use the rapid pace and malleability of software to drive more and more differentiation into the marketplace. They use instant feedback from users to improve software, and increasingly, businesses leverage DevOps practices to do so on a continuous basis.

By ensuring close collaboration between developers and operations staff throughout the entire software development lifecycle, enterprises are becoming better at ensuring quality, maximizing speed, and reacting to – or even forecasting – market changes.

We can expect to see significant advances in DevOps in 2016. Below are just three predictions you need to know about in order to compete in the idea economy:

1. Large enterprises will fully embrace DevOps

Though it may be a few years before the industry fully adopts DevOps as the norm in software development, we'll see an increase in large enterprise adoption of DevOps principals in 2016. In most large enterprises, DevOps isn't new as individual teams have long been using DevOps principles on discrete projects, and have even shown successes. Traditionally however, DevOps hasn't been widely adopted throughout the enterprise. As a result, software releases in the enterprise are traditionally too slow, too buggy, and too costly. In the year ahead, more large companies will be turning traditions around by making smaller updates to their technologies at faster rates.

2. DevOps standards will emerge

DevOps is still emerging on the software development landscape and no defined standards have emerged for the practice, which has caused businesses to hesitate to fully adopt this cultural change. In 2016, we'll begin to see organizations establish their own standards and overtime, best practices will emerge and be adopted across industries.

3. Security will better blend with DevOps initiatives

Although some DevOps teams are very aware of security, the full integration of security and DevOps has yet to become mainstream. In 2016, we'll see security principles more integrated into DevOps's software development, deployment, and production cycles.

The year ahead will be the true test for companies looking to embrace DevOps principles in every day practice. As DevOps continues to makes its mark on the industry, early adopters will be sure to shine and set the standard.

Ashish Kuthiala is Senior Director, Strategy & Marketing, DevOps, Hewlett Packard Enterprise.