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August 16, 2018

Reducing the risks associated with modern enterprise applications requires advanced test automation for the complete end-to-end business process, which may span multiple application components. Learn how to automate the testing of business processes that may include mobile UIs, web services, SAP, ESBs, APIs, web UIs, mainframes, and even big data. Join The "Scriptless Summer" webinar series to master scriptless test automation strategies and best practices that make Continuous Testing a breeze. Sign up for as many sessions as you wish — you’re welcome to come and go as your schedule permits.

August 16, 2018

So you want to streamline your database development process? A cornerstone of successful DevOps integration is efficient, reliable SQL Server monitoring. Redgate’s James King will discuss the process of monitoring your SQL Servers to ensure you are ready and able to efficiently keep track of your estate. Discover how to manage estate capacity, patching and distribution, while measuring the performance impact of changes as they’re introduced.

On-Demand Webinars

Are your critical servers left vulnerable to attacks and failed deployments, resulting in downtime, loss of data, and loss of revenue? SQL Server Monitoring is critical to quick detection of performance issues that can jeopardize database availability. However, it's not enough to simply know there is a performance issue. Join this webinar to discuss how to pinpoint the root cause of performance issues in minutes and best practices in proactive monitoring and performance tuning.

The key to successful DevOps implementation is gaining buy in across the organization. And in a climate of increased scrutiny on how personal data is handled and processed, factoring in the needs of compliance teams is an added complexity. In this webinar Microsoft MVP and Microsoft Regional Director Simon Sabin discusses some of the challenges you’ll face as you go on your journey to bringing the database into a DevOps rollout.

In this webinar, HaynesPro (leading supplier of digital automotive data) will discuss with Microsoft MVP, Grant Fritchey, how his company has streamlined workflows, reduced setbacks and problems during deployments, and fixed the development process with the help of Redgate tools. They will cover the pain points, the implementation process and the cultural changes that have occurred, and what the results look like today.

Want to dramatically reduce the attack surface area against breaches and hackers? With legislation like GDPR, HIPAA, SOX and the new California Privacy Act, it’s more important now than ever to ensure risks are reduced and all our backs are covered. Join Redgate’s Data Privacy and Protection Specialist Chris Unwin to explore the breach and hacking epidemic, and how this is impacting the way we work, handle, and protect our data.

Get the inside scoop on Tricentis Tosca from the people who know it best: the Tricentis product managers. The Product Management team will share success stories and adoption strategies for the latest Tricentis Tosca functionality. This webinar will cover topics including:
- Best practices for using Tricentis Tosca in Agile Environments
- Load testing with your Tricentis Tosca functional tests
- Test planning and monitoring within Tricentis Tosca
- New test data management with data masking and SAP wizards
- Tricentis test automation for BI and data warehouse testing
- New strategies for API testing

Agile and DevOps certainly don’t move at a leisurely summer pace. Developers have already recognized that today’s “low-code/no-code” approaches are an efficient way to satisfy the relentless demand for more software, faster. Yet, most testers continue wrestling with the high-maintenance, script-based testing approach designed decades ago. Why not follow development’s lead and start taking a new, more lightweight approach to testing…for summer and beyond? Join the "Scriptless Summer" webinar series to master scriptless test automation strategies and best practices that make Continuous Testing a breeze. Sign up for as many sessions as you wish — you’re welcome to come and go as your schedule permits.

Tricentis and QASymphony announced their agreement to merge under the name of Tricentis. Tricentis' market-leading Continuous Testing platform has earned the company unanimous "leader" recognition among the top industry analysts. QASymphony is recognized as the industry's leading test management solution. The combined solution represents the most modern platform for transforming software testing to keep pace with digital transformation.Join this webinar to learn how the combination of Tricentis and QASymphony impacts the future of testing.

Join two great DevOps webinars:

Act I: Software Testing for DevOps — When You’re Not a Unicorn

Join Forrester Senior Analyst Christopher Condo and Tricentis Distinguished Evangelist Ingo Philipp to explore how mature organizations can transform their testing processes — achieving the speed and efficiency vital for digital transformation. You’ll learn:
- The realities of DevOps adoption and test automation in mature organizations
- Where testing processes fall short in the context of DevOps initiatives
- How to achieve notable test automation and risk coverage gains as efficiently as possible

Act II: The One Question Testers Must Answer for Continuous Delivery

Most developers would tell you that their code is ready to release at any time. Most testers would disagree. This leads us to the single most important question associated with Continuous Delivery: Does the release candidate have an acceptable level of risk? If you’re not confident that you can answer this critical question accurately — on-demand — then join XebiaLabs Chief Product Officer Robert Stroud and Tricentis’ Ingo Philipp to learn how you can attain the required insight. We’ll explore:
- How to establish a baseline to measure risk in the context of application delivery
- How risk coverage differs from code and test coverage
- Why, where, and how to measure risk within the automated release process

Delivering world-class digital experiences is increasingly becoming a critical differentiator to many organizations. However, the application delivery chains for mobile, Web and wearable applications has become increasingly complex. Learn how SaaS-based digital experience monitoring and analytics can provide deep, full-stack visibility, unique insights, and actionable recommendations to dramatically improve your users' digital experiences.

Behind the sleek interface of today's applications can be a complex array of microservices, containers, APIs, middleware and backend services, spanning mobile, cloud and on-premises. In this virtual summit, your peers and industry experts from organizations such as CNN, Eurosport, Red Hat and CA Technologies share best practices for monitoring modern applications across the DevOps lifecycle.

Accelerating your digital transformation will often add new challenges to an already complex IT environment. Cloud, microservices, containers and IoT are just the start, and require flexible, modern approaches that put customer experience first and are built to be future-proof. CA Application Performance Management (CA APM) is engineered to address the challenge of improving performance across these dynamic application environments. In this webcast, CA will discuss the top five reasons why you should consider CA APM to help optimize your customer experience and performance across digital ecosystems.

Does your organization struggle with DevOps transformation, delivering a mainframe world that is more agile, automated and accessible to the modern IT enterprise? Hear from leading Analyst Jason Bloomberg and CA Product Development on the common challenges faced and how “Mainframe as a Service” can deliver automated and self-service solutions that greatly enhance mainframe talent productivity.

Providing a great digital experience is critical for your brand, but the complexity of monitoring modern apps presents a challenge. When you combine a mix of mobile and Web applications, containers and microservices in distributed environments, identifying when and why your customers are having a poor app experience is often difficult. Join this webinar where Bryan Whitmarsh, Director, Product Management at CA Technologies will demonstrate how you can achieve a 5-star app experience for your customers. See how CA App Experience Analytics leverages a powerful, open source analytics platform to provide user experience insights and deep visibility into performance across apps and channels.

Join CA Technologies for this special webcast, where guest speaker Dean Davison, principal consultant, Forrester will discuss findings from the recent Total Economic Impact (TEI) of CA Application Performance Management (APM) (*A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of by CA Technologies.) that can assist businesses evaluating this solution – including the potential to realize: $5.4 Million NPV, 316% ROI and payback in 3 months. Joining Dean, Pete Waterhouse, Advisor - CA Technologies will outline the essential elements of a modern APM solution needed to deliver these outcomes.

Join CA Technologies, Sauce Labs (Selenium Community), Cloudbees (Jenkins Community) Veracode, TestPlant, DZone, Blazemeter, Techwell, and other key thought leaders in next-generation testing practices as we explore how to bring testing methods out of the crypts and into a modernized approach to build better apps, faster, and with SaaS and open source foundations. You'll learn how-to:
- Infuse testing into every aspect of the software delivery lifecycle
- Implement best practices around Continuous Testing
- Adopt open source testing tools with current practices

Join Torsten Volk, Research Director at EMA, and Umair Khan, Product Marketing Manager at CA, to learn:
- How to monitor AWS and Azure together with your on-premise infrastructure
- How to monitor modern container technologies alongside traditional application infrastructure stacks
- How to leverage log and cross tier analytics to speed issue resolution
- Why unified analytics across your hybrid infrastructure is key to lowering OPEX and how you can achieve this goal
- Why CA Unified Infrastructure Management was identified as a Top 3 pick in the EMA Top 3 Report for providing a single pane of glass for Hybrid IT and cloud monitoring.

Those who attend will receive a free copy of the cutting-edge report!