xMatters Launches Flow Designer
April 10, 2019

xMatters announced the launch of Flow Designer — a tool that allows users to create incident management workflows using a no-code drag-and-drop interface.

Modern IT teams need to manage the complexity of synchronizing data, tools, and people at the speed of customer demand. From a minor issue to the largest customer-facing incident, problems need to be addressed efficiently. With xMatters Flow Designer, any authorized user —from software developers to IT generalists — can automate resolution with the simplicity of an elegant drag-and-drop experience.

Key benefits include greater consistency as teams follow guided, pre-defined remediation workflows; higher velocity as automation decreases the mean time to resolution; and increased productivity through a reduction in unplanned work across development and technical teams. Flow Designer also allows organizations to maintain the integrity of data shared across all of their tools and systems.

“The intention of xMatters Flow Designer is simple: to make it easy for enterprises to create cohesive, consistent resolution processes that translate into higher productivity benefits. Flow Designer turns hours of coding into a few minutes of dragging and dropping. That makes it much easier to automate incident management, which in turn frees up IT to focus on business outcomes and objectives,” said Doug Peete, Chief Product Officer at xMatters.

Flow Designer represents the latest innovation from xMatters aimed at unlocking the potential of fully-automated toolchains. Combined with the xMatters Integration Directory – which contains dozens of built-in integrations – Flow Designer gives organizations the power of simplicity to automate incident management workflows.

When a critical alert is identified, the workflows created in Flow Designer automatically drive resolution by kicking off a series of steps such as creating a ticket in the service desk, posting progress updates to a status page, and engaging key team members to track and resolve the issue. With the simplicity of Flow Designer, anyone can build workflows tailored to address highly specific or complex use cases.

The Flow Designer tool is available today for xMatters customers.

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