XebiaLabs Releases XL TestView 1.4.0
January 13, 2016

XebiaLabs announced a new release of XL TestView: 1.4.0. This release features an improved and extended REST API that allows you to integrate XL TestView seamlessly within your continuous delivery pipelines, provides support for Team Foundation Server (MS Test, MS Visual Studio, .trx files), and an initial implementation of reporting on test specification sets.

We see more and more organizations integrate XL TestView in a continuous delivery environment. Whether it be Jenkins or TeamCity to execute tests using e.g. FitNesse, JUnit, Gatling, Cucumber, it is important to make all results available as test runs in the appropriate projects and test specifications in XL TestView. Following that, it is important to automatically query XL TestView’s qualification of the test results to decide whether or not to automatically promote a release. In order to facilitate this, XebiaLabs now provides an extensive REST API that allows you to create, get (‘read’), update, and delete projects and test specifications. In addition to that, it is possible to automatically import results as a test run into an existing test specification, and to obtain a list of test tools (test result parsers) that are supported by the XL TestView instance. This allows you to get the essential integration between your existing continuous delivery pipeline and XL TestView.

While the list of reports for functional test tools is steadily growing, release 1.4.0 also provides initial support for reports on test specification sets. A report is available that shows the number of passed and failed qualifications of the test specifications are part of the test specification set.

A third major feature in the 1.4.0 release of XL TestView is support for Team Foundation Server and Microsoft-related test tools. XebiaLabs provides a test results parser for .trx files. E.g. using the REST API you can then automatically send your Microsoft-based test results to an XL TestView instance running as part of your IT landscape.

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