XebiaLabs Launches DevOps KPI Solution
November 13, 2017

XebiaLabs announced the latest addition to the XebiaLabs DevOps Platform, XL Impact, a goal-based DevOps Intelligence solution that optimizes DevOps performance and measures the business impact of DevOps initiatives.

Materially different from standard reporting or simple dashboarding, XL Impact combines DevOps best practices with historical analysis, machine learning, and data from across an enterprise’s software delivery tool chain to highlight trends, predict outcomes, and recommend actions for improvement. Guided by XL Impact’s integrated KPIs and predictive analytics, enterprises can optimize their software delivery pipelines, mitigate release risk, and drive ROI for their DevOps initiatives.

The growth of DevOps activity across organizations is outpacing the ability of those organizations to track appropriate performance and business metrics. XL Impact closes this chasm by delivering the first DevOps Intelligence solution that uses goal-based KPIs and predictive analytics to help companies optimize DevOps performance. Using XL Impact, companies get X-ray vision into the health of their complete software delivery value stream.

XL Impact focuses on specific DevOps goals such as “improve quality” and “increase speed of delivery,” automatically delivering the KPIs companies need to monitor to meet their goals. It presents clear, “DevOps-aware” context around these metrics so it’s easy to understand the meaning behind the numbers and to direct optimization efforts most effectively.

XL Impact closes the “data gap” across disparate DevOps tools and provides context-specific recommendations to optimize processes based on current status, release history, machine learning, predictive analytics, and DevOps best practices. Armed with hard data and intelligent insights, teams can make the best decisions that will continue to improve their DevOps processes.

A known risk is a risk that can be quickly mitigated. XL Impact highlights risk based on current release status and predictive analytics, so teams can address issues before they become problems. With its insightful trend analysis, teams can spot high-performing processes as well as bottlenecks and trouble spots, so they know immediately which processes to replicate elsewhere and which need fixing.

With KPIs, trends, and metrics correlated across tools and clearly presented in a single view, teams fully understand the impact of their DevOps initiatives. And they can share that impact and demonstrate ROI to stakeholders with dashboards specifically curated for DevOps.

“XL Impact is the first solution to help companies understand the impact of their DevOps initiatives. It is unique in the market because it uses goal-based KPIs derived from DevOps best practices. It provides meaning behind the numbers, predicts outcomes, and recommends actions,” said XebiaLabs CEO, Derek Langone. “This is a game-changer for IT teams, who in the past had to rely on manual data collection or unrelated dashboard tiles to guestimate the results of their DevOps initiatives. Now, everybody from DevOps team member to Agile coach, from development manager to CIO, can see the impact of their DevOps activities immediately and quantitatively and make the best decisions to optimize software delivery.”

XL Impact is a cloud-based SaaS solution and is available now.

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