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September 20, 2021
Michael Stahnke

Technology executives are often hard-pressed to explain how investing in developer headcount and tooling results in returns for their bottom line. As a business leader, it can be difficult to measure the true value of hiring more developers or investing in software delivery tools. To accurately make this type of ROI assessment, it's essential to track meaningful engineering output metrics ...

September 16, 2021
Kinjal Vora

The year 2020 brought along with it a sea worth of challenges — from the organizational impacts of a distributed remote workforce to the acceleration of digital initiatives for business continuity. CIOs also realized opportunities to effectively manage data and analytics and break down data silos in order to streamline decision making and bring the strategic priorities to the forefront ...

September 13, 2021
Ryan Berry
OneStream Software

For years, businesses opted for third-party software, vendors or have hired their own software engineers to innovate and set themselves apart from competitors. The realities of today's world require most every company to shift towards building software to offer services accessible anywhere on any device or to deliver data-driven intelligence used to allow management to make informed decisions anytime, anywhere. This thirst for knowledge, information, and the ability to rapidly extend services to customers drives needs for agile innovation, though, IT departments cannot do it alone. Enter citizen developers! ...

September 09, 2021
Jori Ramakers

For many businesses, pushing lightly tested updates to production and hoping that no errors will emerge is possible with minimal risk. However, for financial organizations, any error can have huge impacts on the business, and can deteriorate relationships with customers and users who have trusted the company with personal financial information ...

September 02, 2021
Danny Allan

As DevOps adoption continues to rise, developers and IT leaders are getting more frustrated with specific aspects of their implementations. There's a disconnect. DevOps is supposed to improve time to market by encouraging collaboration and efficiency. In some cases it does. But too often a lack of cohesion in DevOps processes is pushing developers, operations engineers and IT leaders apart ...

September 01, 2021
Tony Perez

Imagine: it's 2011 and Netflix has introduced Chaos Monkey, a tool that injects arbitrary failures into their cloud architecture to pinpoint design flaws. Today, resiliency engineering has advanced so much that "Chaos Engineer" is an actual job title. Enterprises such as Amazon, Facebook and Google now use chaos to understand their architectures and distributed systems. While chaos engineering is usually performed on cloud-native software, it can also be used to strengthen the dependability of traditional data center applications that may never move to the cloud. What kind of tests might you run on these applications? ...

August 24, 2021
Marie Ponseel
Traefik Labs

As businesses look to digitally transform and innovate, emerging technologies such as Kubernetes and microservices are helping drive this spend upward, but with increased adoption comes increased operational challenges and growing pains. To gain more insight into the challenges organizations face while using Kubernetes,Traefik Labs conducted a survey of over 1000 software engineers, DevOps practitioners, SREs and more. The results of this survey identified several issues IT teams face with Kubernetes, and help explain what's hindering the emerging technology's implementation ...

August 23, 2021
James Isaacs

When it comes to software development, which can move at break-neck speeds against tight delivery deadlines, the customer experience is just as paramount as with any other B2C or B2B interaction. DevOps for CX practices allow companies that deliver technology solutions and services to avoid sacrificing the experience of their customers, while still meeting ambitious delivery deadlines. While DevOps for CX is a practice that supports development teams where CX and quality are of the highest priorities, there are key mistakes that must be avoided to ensure successful adoption of DevOps for CX ...

August 17, 2021
Tarasekhar Padhy

In part 2 of this blog, I dive a bit more into the intricacies of the agile roadmap. I discuss what it contains and the key elements that give any kind of a product roadmap the agility it needs. Let's get in ...

August 16, 2021
Tarasekhar Padhy

While building anything digital, including developing digital content, the makers of the roadmap should incorporate some amount of flexibility into the product roadmap. Especially while working in an agile framework, it is compulsory to have a feedback loop incorporated into the development process. In this blog, I discuss the fundamental differences between agile roadmaps and traditional roadmaps and why agile roadmap is the way to go ...

August 10, 2021
Sacha Labourey

Are we there yet? No matter where you're going, as soon as you embark on your journey at least one impatient person sighs and asks that dreaded question. In this case though, I'm talking about the journey to mature software delivery. As organizations chart their path along the road to digital transformation, efficient software delivery has become a key element to respond to rapidly changing market dynamics, meet customer needs, and quite frankly, stay in business ...

July 28, 2021
Anthony Abdulla

What makes low code such a crucial technology within a digital transformation journey? Overall, it gives businesses the opportunity to empower all users — even those outside of IT — to drive significant change within their organizations. Low-code implementation enables a business to bring all of its investments together to achieve true transformation ...

July 26, 2021
Bruce McPherson

Moving toward DevSecOps isn't necessarily an easy process. Organizations first need to adjust their culture to embrace security and define enterprise-wide application security policies and standards to be enabled through automation. Then, they can invest in the required integration of such techniques in the CI/CD processes, including the means to report on discovered issues as would happen for any other software defects. But what does this really mean? ...

July 22, 2021
Nicolas Bontoux

Delivering clean and safe software is no longer an option for developers or the organizations they work for. Customers have little patience for buggy, error-prone apps and software that's rife with critical vulnerabilities. These sort of quality and security issues can seriously hurt a company's brand reputation and negatively impact revenues ...

July 13, 2021
Roopak Parikh

5G mobile broadband network operators encounter challenges on a number of various levels due to the nature of their large-scale, complex, dynamic, and highly distributed infrastructure requirements. Let us take a closer look into the top five technical considerations and how to best optimize Kubernetes for 5G deployments ...


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