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April 24, 2023
Dotan Nahum
Check Point Software Technologies

Open source isn't a strategy, it's a philosophy of collaboration. It's the fabric of millions of commercial projects in industries like FinTech, IT and AI. But there's something curious about open source — it makes up the majority of codebases, so surely the packages have hundreds of eyes keeping watch on their security posture? Unfortunately not ...

April 20, 2023
Gilbert Martin

DevOps has empowered businesses to deliver software at speed. However, this speed should not come at the cost of quality ... So, how can you ensure the high quality of your code? This is where Code Quality Metrics come in. In this blog, we shall discuss the importance of code quality metrics, why developers need to track them, and how you can improve code quality ...

April 18, 2023
Stephen Feloney
Perforce Software

To understand the ever-changing testing landscape, we surveyed hundreds of DevOps professionals for our fourth annual 2023 State of Test Automation report. This year's report sought to uncover the top testing trends, developer challenges, and priorities for the future. Here are the top four insights and takeaways ...

April 17, 2023
Rob Mason

It's important to have a different perspective and a fresh set of eyes on an application before it is officially released. This is where beta testing comes in. In this blog I'll explain what beta testing is and the value it brings to software ...

April 13, 2023
Steve Fenton
Octopus Deploy

Your approach to DevOps is likely to be influenced by the methods and practices that came before. For organizations that gave teams autonomy to adapt their process, DevOps would have been a natural progression. Where an organization has been more prescriptive in the past, people will look for familiar tools to run a DevOps implementation, such as maturity models. In this post, I explain why a maturity model isn't appropriate and what you should use instead ...

April 12, 2023
Katie Schilling

Burnout is too common in the development space. It's affected the teams that I've managed, my colleagues and even me at certain points in my career. And unfortunately, I'm not alone: More than 80% of developers are suffering from burnout ...

April 11, 2023
Rich Little
LEAD Technologies

An increased demand for highly skilled developers is creating a talent gap within the software industry. Automation can help solve the developer gap across the board ...

April 10, 2023
Ahmad Awais

The digital world moves incredibly fast. Embracing APIs as a key strategy for optimizing internal software development was big news not too long ago. Now, it's all about external-facing APIs and the quest for monetization ...

April 06, 2023
Srinath Vasudevan

You can improve overall productivity in several ways, such as by working in sprints, reducing distractions, providing continuous education, determining individual goals, reducing mean time to recovery, etc. The following are 5 of the ways to improve developer productivity ...

April 05, 2023
Sacha Labourey

"Shift left" is a worthwhile concept. It has encouraged organizations to think more proactively about software development. But, in practice, it has a few bugs of its own that still have to be worked out ...

April 04, 2023
James Bent

When we consider that more than a quarter of a million tech workers have been laid off worldwide since January 2022, it's apparent that there will be a major evolution in how tech teams operate within companies. Nowhere is this more apparent than in testing ...

March 30, 2023
Matthew Casperson
Octopus Deploy

The terms "Continuous Integration" and "Continuous Deployment" tend to be combined into the acronym CI/CD to describe the process of building and deploying software, often without distinction between the two. The terms describe distinct processes, even if combining them suggests that Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment are an extension of Continuous Integration, and the execution of both processes is the responsibility of a single tool ...

March 27, 2023
Jason Beres

Reveal's Software Development Challenges 2023 survey revealed that developer shortage remains a key challenge for the second year in a row. According to one-third of the respondents (37.5%), the industry will continue to need help finding skilled developers in 2023 ...

March 23, 2023
Srinath Vasudevan

Developer productivity is a crucial metric to review the quality of code and levels of developer burnout. This allows managers to manage developers and ensure that their work is on par, and safeguard retention of the workforce ... Developer productivity should include both qualitative and quantitative datasets ...

March 22, 2023
Ash Arnwine

While open source software can benefit developers and other tech users, many developers need help to engage in open source development in a meaningful way. This post encourages businesses to understand reasons to contribute to open source, explore ways to promote open source development, and find a balance between software delivery and open source contributions ...


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