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August 29, 2023
Christian Simko

There's tremendous pressure on DevOps teams to deliver business-critical applications and services with speed and agility. As a result, DevOps teams will often take the path of least resistance to meeting deadlines, even if it means taking security shortcuts. One such example is the provisioning and management of digital certificates may stray from enterprise-wide PKI policy which can expose security weaknesses and vulnerabilities ...

August 23, 2023
Matthew O'Riordan

Building a robust chat experience that can deliver 24/7 service to a global user base presents significant architectural challenges. Let's look at the top considerations for designing a scalable chat app architecture and the core components necessary for constructing a successful chat application ...

August 22, 2023
Scott Willson

It's understandable that when we consider users now expect outstanding, digitally-enabled experiences as standard, it permeates all aspects of an organization. Business units expect technology solutions faster, applications are expected to be planned, developed, tested, and deployed in weeks — if not days — and wholescale digital transformation projects should happen quickly ...

August 21, 2023
Stephen Atwell

CI/CD is a common phrase in the DevOps lexicon. Despite its everyday use, many lack a clear understanding of its exact definition. While continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery/deployment (CD) are inherently linked, they do not always coexist. This blog provides a breakdown of CI and CD and shows how the combination enhances software development ...

August 17, 2023
Uri Landau

Visual experiences have the ability to create excitement around a brand, build customer trust, and continually engage customers ... Yet, to achieve high levels of engagement, media assets must be created, managed and deployed quickly and at scale. This task falls to developers, who face an array of challenges ...

August 16, 2023
Bret Settle

Developers are leveraging a variety of tools, platforms, languages, and services to deliver more sophisticated features and functionality. However, every additional component used to build an application increases the size of the attack surface and the risk of an attack. Threat actors have a greater chance of discovering a vulnerability, misconfiguration, or bug that can serve as a toehold into the environment ...

August 15, 2023
Scott Gerlach

For the last decade, the concept of shifting security left has surged exponentially among practitioners, as the results of this approach are astounding. The ability to deliver secure code faster, reduce vulnerabilities in production, and drive efficiencies across application security and development teams are a clear win for any organization, right? ...

August 14, 2023
Amit Shah

The prevalence of team silos and point solutions throughout the DevSecOps lifecycle make it increasingly difficult for development, security, and operational teams to have comprehensive visibility into the threats affecting their cloud environments. In fact, according to a recent Dynatrace study, 77% of chief information security officers (CISOs) say it's a significant challenge to prioritize vulnerabilities because of a lack of information about the risks they pose ...

August 10, 2023
Andy Corrigan
Octopus Deploy

At its simplest, the software industry uses multi-tenancy to explain where software or its architecture splits into manageable chunks. These chunks could save money, simplify processes, or make things safer or easier for customers. Rather than try to unravel the whole term, it's easier to explain the scenarios typically described as multi-tenancy ...

August 09, 2023
Richard Bird
Traceable AI

Fraud detection, typically seen as a solution outside of cybersecurity, has taken on a new dimension in recent times. Digital fraud has emerged as a significant threat to businesses and individuals alike. APIs play a pivotal role in this landscape, often serving as the gateway for fraudulent activities ... As the sophistication and frequency of digital fraud continue to rise, understanding the connection between API security and fraud has never been more critical ...

August 08, 2023
Ori Keren

What makes an engineering team elite? ... While I won't be the last to ask this question, our industry has come a long way in defining engineering excellence, providing parameters through which to define what constitutes as "elite." But what exactly should you measure to benchmark elite engineering performance? ...

August 07, 2023
Jon Mort

As an orchestration tool, Kubernetes solves many IT issues that are, unfortunately, part and parcel of using containers, including the need for high availability, reliability, scalability, fault tolerance, and spiraling costs. It's clear Kubernetes makes sense for organizations looking to manage containerized applications, but it's also a smart tool to help scale digital transformations — here's why ...

August 02, 2023
David Brooks

There has been a lot of hype lately about Platform Engineering and we have even seen a premature obituary announcing the death of DevOps. This blog looks at the two practices and finds that they are not mutually exclusive. It also shows how much of the Platform Engineering has a reduced effect in Enterprise SaaS platforms ...

August 01, 2023
Gary Archer

APIs are incredibly important in today's digital landscape. They play a crucial role in enabling communication and interaction between different software applications, systems, and services. Due to the increasing reliance on APIs, they have gradually become the top target for hackers. As such, enterprises are placing more emphasis on API security to protect the integrity of data and services, build trust and confidence, and mitigate future risks ...

July 31, 2023
Wing To

As the volume, development velocity, and variety of applications and their attack vectors skyrocket, it's time to rethink how we use application hardening. Application hardening, also known as "application shielding" and "in-app protection," protects live applications from reverse engineering and tampering ...


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