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July 18, 2024
Ant Newman
Spectro Cloud

In case you missed it, Kubernetes turned ten this summer. It's the perfect opportunity to reflect on how far cloud-native has come, and what the next ten years might hold. So to commemorate the occasion, here are ten top findings from Spectro Cloud's new 2024 State of Production Kubernetes report ...

July 17, 2024
Kalyan Ramanathan
Portworx by Pure Storage

Kubernetes, or K8s, will soon be synonymous with application delivery, if it isn't already ... Organizations planning to make Kubernetes the base of operations for their workloads should know what this new cloud-native landscape will look like and how to prepare for it ...

July 16, 2024
Eric Schwake
Salt Security

API abuse is rampant, impacting organizations of all sizes and industries ... Despite increasing awareness, many organizations are still in the initial stages of implementing strong API security. Our recent research, the Salt Security State of API Security Report 2024, painted a concerning picture of the current state of the market ...

July 15, 2024
Michael Zuercher

B2B SaaS companies add enormous customer value to their products with built-in integrations to their customers' other tools. These connections reduce friction and streamline tasks. Could your SaaS company use your existing developers to build integrations entirely in-house? Absolutely. But should you? Possibly not ...

July 11, 2024
Tejas Gadhia

A developer's vision for innovation is often disrupted by the gritty reality of operational tasks ... End-to-end pro-code platforms address these challenges by providing a single platform that supports developers from start to finish, allowing them to focus on innovation rather than technicalities and enabling them to build the next big thing ...

July 10, 2024
Alok Uniyal

Beyond its development practices and tools, DevOps is a culture, and a new way of thinking about application delivery. It stands to reason then, that CIOs must revise their view of software to succeed with DevOps ...

July 09, 2024
Stephen Feloney
Perforce Software

In the latest annual PHP Landscape report from Zend by Perforce, respondents were asked about their confidence that their PHP applications are secure. On average, over half are very confident, 27% saying they are somewhat confident and just over 18% saying they are extremely confident ...

June 26, 2024
Nick Durkin

In an era where efficiency is paramount and resources are increasingly scarce, developer burnout is emerging as a critical issue within the tech industry ... The Harness State of the Developer Experience 2024 Report sheds light on this industry-wide problem ...

June 25, 2024
Rob Mason

Applause recently conducted its fourth annual Accessibility and Inclusive Design Survey, which examined to what extent companies are prioritizing accessibility when developing digital experiences, as well as their levels of expertise and the maturity of their accessibility efforts ...

June 24, 2024
Chris Wysopal

The majority of companies are drowning in security debt, making them vulnerable to attacks. And worst of all, they may not know it. That's according to Veracode's latest State of Software Security 2024 Report, which examined more than one million applications across all scan types ...

June 20, 2024
Dotan Nahum
Check Point Software Technologies

Have you ever spent hours writing an automation script, only to dream of a more straightforward solution? We've all been there. Building automation can be a huge time investment, but its efficiency boost is undeniable. That's why the rise of low-code/no-code (LCNC) platforms is such a welcome development ...

June 18, 2024
Andrew Lau

The 2024 State of Engineering Management Report reveals stark differences in the experiences of front-line engineers and their leaders, as well as varying predictions for how AI will shape engineering organizations. Here are 10 key takeaways from the report ...

June 12, 2024
James Maskelony

For developers and engineers, Kubernetes represents a significant — and welcome — shift ... Unfortunately, Kubernetes also comes with drawbacks — mainly in the form of security vulnerabilities that most businesses have yet to fully wrap their minds around ...

June 06, 2024
Dotan Nahum
Check Point Software Technologies

API security requires a holistic approach to the design, implementation, maintenance, and lifecycle management of all things API. With API traffic making up almost 70% of all Internet traffic, they are a lucrative target for cybercriminals. 84% of organizations admit they don’t currently have advanced API security in their stack, so it’s unsurprising that API-related security incidents cost global businesses as much as $75 billion annually ...

June 04, 2024
Rita Kozlov

While SaaS giants have been quick to proclaim new AI features along their existing products, are these new capabilities actually going to provide value? The AI experiences they're promising need to fit into their already complex user experience ... Here are three concepts you should be integrating into your roadmap if you're aiming to disrupt the SaaS space with AI ...


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