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September 02, 2020
Jie Yu

As companies look to further harness the power of cloud native, however, they are adopting open source technologies at rapid speed, increasing the number of clusters and workloads. Understanding how to manage cluster sprawl and the challenges this is creating for your organization is critical to keep in mind when scaling a cloud native infrastructure. Here are the 3 ways that cluster sprawl is detrimental to your business ...

August 25, 2020
Rod Cope

Microservices have changed software development and promise powerful benefits. For some organizations, microservices enable the agility that modern software development needs. However, it is a big step: some organizations have already struggled with Agile and DevOps adoption: microservices are an even bigger challenge ...

August 20, 2020
Taylor Armerding

To make DevSecOps more effective and address both the speed and security pressures, development and security teams need to understand each other better. For developers, that means understanding how applications can be exploited — the OWASP Top 10 is a good start ...

August 19, 2020
Taylor Armerding

Software development teams are driven by speed. Security teams are driven by exactly what their title says — security. Both of which are good and necessary things to deliver what the market wants: Quality products that are the latest and greatest and aren't littered with vulnerabilities that can put users at risk. But those very different, and often competing, pressures make it difficult for those teams to find common ground ...

August 11, 2020
Christian van den Branden

Digital transformation isn't just changing how businesses compete in the marketplace. It is changing how companies operate, especially with regards to security. Traditional models are being pushed aside to make way for more expansive thinking — and that includes a cultural shift within the classic DevOps model ...

August 05, 2020
Mark Little
Red Hat

On May 23, 2020, Java celebrated its 25th anniversary, and continues to rank among the top two programming languages in the world. However, despite its popularity, Java does have some well-agreed upon downsides. With more and more business-critical applications using Kubernetes, it is more important than ever to bring Java into the future, and not let it get left behind. Read on to learn more ...

July 30, 2020
Alex Peay

The enduring approach to DevOps, ITOps, and security (SecOps) has exposed foundational cracks in the operational structure of digital businesses. The specialized organizations created to support innovation, IT performance, and the protection of business-critical infrastructure — DevOps, ITOps and security teams — are too often fragmented to the point that they create security vulnerabilities that represent significant potential business damage. Modern IT environments demand a cohesive approach comprising these most crucial teams, an approach we describe as XOps ...

July 29, 2020
Jason M. Fung
Intel Corporation

Today's vulnerability research and attack methods are becoming more sophisticated, often penetrating past the software layers and compromising the underlying hardware. When not implemented or verified properly, hardware-based security can have its own set of challenges. It is evident that the industry needs a comprehensive understanding of the common hardware security weaknesses and the corresponding secure-by-design best practices, so as to help protect sensitive data that users generate and consume each day ...

July 22, 2020
Roopak Parikh

While there are pains and challenges when getting started with Kubernetes, once developers are able to get through it, they start to reap a lot of benefits. Some of the key benefits include the performance and the availability that Kubernetes as a framework gives to applications ...

July 22, 2020
Roopak Parikh

To deliver products that meet customer expectations and keep organizations competitive in today's marketplace, developers are always looking for tools and strategies to give them an edge. One of today's popular platforms for streamlining deployment and upgrades is Kubernetes, the open-source container orchestration system. But what are some of the common challenges developers face when utilizing Kubernetes for the first time? What hurdles might even an experience containers pro run into? And what tools exist to make it easier? ...

July 20, 2020
Dave McAllister

OpenTelemetry is a project within the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) that has gathered contributors and supporters far and wide, becoming one of the most active projects found in open source today. In fact, the collaboration that OpenTelemetry has developed is pretty amazing ...

July 15, 2020
Loris Degioanni

Kubernetes had a birthday last month and while it's odd to wish happy birthday to software, I do feel that we need to pay homage. In its six years of "life," Kubernetes has revolutionized how we build, and deliver applications ...

July 08, 2020
Stephen Chin

Companies adopting a DevOps culture will need to hire more DevOps engineers, so it is important to understand what skills employers are looking for and how to acquire the right skills to stand out from the crowd. The most crucial roles call for a range of soft and hard skills, and every DevOps engineer should focus on these in order to succeed ...

June 25, 2020
Aliaksei Kulik

It is important to not only pay attention to product delivery automation and speed but also to add security to software updates, critical system vulnerabilities, and correct system access control, which DevSecOps practices assist with. The following are DevSecOps best practices ...

June 24, 2020
Aliaksei Kulik

DevSecOps brings together the best of DevOps with modern security practices. DevOps streamlines and accelerates the product development lifecycle, aiming to automate as much as possible. DevSecOps maintains this automation focus and incorporates security — with a goal of making each step secure and bringing in new tools and practices to make the entire product more secure as well. This 2-part blog will focus on some established and emerging ways that DevSecOps plays a role in product delivery organizations ...


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