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January 25, 2023
Matthew D. Groves

Technical teams driving innovation forward are feeling overwhelmed. In a survey conducted by Couchbase of 650 senior IT decision makers, development teams said they are under-supported and under immense pressure as they champion their organizations' modernization efforts. A majority of respondents (88%) are aware of the challenges faced by development teams. Their top issues include 42% feeling that deadlines and agility requirements were difficult to meet, 40% believing they were being asked to do too much in too little time, 24% finding that they did not have the skills required to complete the tasks asked of them and 23% not having access to the necessary technology ...

January 24, 2023
Frank Moyer

When it comes to mobile software testing, expanding device coverage by running software tests on as many devices as possible is important in virtually every context. The more devices you test your software on, the higher the degree of confidence you can have that your software will work as required for all of your users ... Smart hospitality businesses recognize that they can't test on every device, so they need to be strategic about where they do run tests in order to make the most of the tests they execute. There are three main ways they can go about this ...

January 23, 2023
Brian Galura

DevOps transformation journey isn't always a walk in the park. The road can often be complex and filled with challenges, with the looming threat of failure, frustration, and lost resources. Ultimately, you cannot purposefully avoid what you don't understand. That's why the rest of this blog focuses on outlining the common reasons for DevOps transformation program failures so that you can successfully avoid them and drive your team toward the best chance at success ...

January 17, 2023
Susmitha Vakkalanka

It's hard to believe that DevOps started to circulate around the software delivery industry nearly fourteen years ago. After all this time, while adoption is growing, there is still room for software delivery teams to increase their DevOps maturity and tap the full potential of DevOps. Here are five key trends that will impact DevOps initiatives the most in 2023 ...

January 12, 2023
Dotan Nahum
Check Point Software Technologies

Ask any developer and most will agree that Git it is the most popular software version control (SVC) standard today. Just because it's the most popular, however, doesn't mean it's the most secure. Regardless of whether you're using GitLab, GitHub, or a locally hosted Git server each has its own security issues that can sneak up on you and start a wave of additional issues ... What can you do to avoid repeating the Git security mistakes of others? Here are a few common Git security pitfalls and pointers to help you navigate them ...

January 11, 2023
Terence Wong
Octopus Deploy

Monoliths and microservices are 2 approaches to building software. Which one you choose can significantly impact development and performance ...

January 10, 2023
Don Boxley

In 2023, developers will demand solutions that enable highly available cloud-native SQL Server availability groups (AGs) in containers, including support for Kubernetes (K8s) clusters — across mixed environments and across any type of infrastructure or cloud ...

December 01, 2022
Gilbert Martin

Though automation has enabled the business to realize some of the benefits of DevOps, the dozens of non-collaborative tools in their DevOps toolchain made the task of automation a technically complex and arduous task. As DevOps automation reached its limitations, DevOps orchestration has emerged as the logical next step of automation. Let's dig deep and learn the ins and outs of DevOps orchestration ...

November 29, 2022
Noel Wurst

SmartBear conducted a survey to learn the methodologies, practices, and tools used by the software testing professionals worldwide who build, validate, and deliver software ... What did we discover? First, being able to keep pace with the increasing rates of release cycles — we saw it with quarterly and yearly release cycles this year — is a continuous challenge ...

November 22, 2022
Terence Wong
Octopus Deploy

For software teams, testing makes sense, applications should be screened for bugs. But why is testing important for your business and how does it fit into DevOps? ... In this post, I discuss automated and manual tests, and 2 common types of tests: functional and non-functional ...

November 21, 2022
Stephen Atwell

Imperative versus declarative deployment — which one is better? The answer: it depends. Development teams may prefer one over the other based on their workload capacity, infrastructure and desire for control. However, we are on the precipice of change. In the coming years, we will see a rapid shift to declarative automation in deployment ... Let's look at why many more teams are gravitating toward declarative deployment ...

November 17, 2022
Susmitha Vakkalanka

There is no concrete rule book for DevOps automation. The path to automating DevOps is ever-changing. So, there's a significant scope that you may get caught up in the crosshairs of many questions such as where to get started or which processes can and should be automated when you try to automate DevOps ...

November 16, 2022
Jori Ramakers

The future of DevOps is bright and the opportunities to utilize cutting edge artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) applications of these technologies will only further enhance its adoption ...

November 15, 2022
Simon Taylor

Data breaches cost US companies an average of $9.4 million — and by 2031, ransomware attacks will happen every two seconds. To address the scourge of cybercrime, we must all become data protectionists ...

November 14, 2022
Tom Tovar

Mobile DevSecOps as it's currently implemented has a big problem: it's too slow and inefficient to keep up with the constantly evolving threat landscape. In the typical way of doing things, common tools like pen testing and code scanning identify known vulnerabilities, and the mobile app is then booted back to the development team where they manually add whatever protection they can within the time they have ...


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