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February 05, 2020
Dave Karow
Split Software

The demand to deliver a consistently positive and innovative customer experience is something that many companies — more specifically, their DevOps teams — are currently grappling with. While the ability to push out multiple features a week may appear as a great accomplishment for DevOps teams, our survey showed that 82% commonly discover bugs in production ...

January 29, 2020
Frank Huerta

Zero-day vulnerabilities create security holes that can and almost certainly will be exploited. They also could crash your system when you do an upgrade. These threats aren't new, but their threat profile has increased; some of these vulnerabilities persist for long periods of time ...

January 23, 2020
Renu Martingale
Redgate Software

Despite the proven benefits of DevOps, many enterprise organizations are either still not adopting it or see it as a technical fix that simply increases efficiency, rather than contributing to achieving overall business objectives, such as around digital transformation. So, how can technical teams translate what they are doing, particularly around database DevOps, into business value that is understood across the organization? ...

January 22, 2020
Eric Sheridan
WhiteHat Security

While nearly 75 percent of developers worry about the security of their applications, and 85 percent rank security as very important in the coding and development process, nearly half of their teams lack a dedicated security expert ...

January 21, 2020
Ali Golshan

A lot of companies have gone down the path of DevOps, building and using containers and microservices. As a result, workloads are getting more complex. The Kubernetes ecosystem is very rich, and as more companies find value in using Kubernetes as a container orchestrator, they will adopt more solutions in the ecosystem. These advances mean we'll see increasingly complex workloads running in Kubernetes ...

January 16, 2020
Andrew C. Oliver

2020 will mark a tipping point in cloud, as new applications and software will become "cloud first" — and technology that avoids the cloud will increasingly be seen as a costly oddity ...

December 09, 2019
Rob Whiteley

APIs have become the central system behind most digital enterprise transactions today and they play a key role in powering modern, microservices-based application architectures. Playing a defining role in creating new digital services, APIs can connect partner and customer ecosystems and increase the value of underutilized data ...

December 05, 2019
David Archer
Contrast Security

Today a brand will only get you so far, you need to accelerate your development to compete, or your company will join the dozens already in the corporate graveyard. What does this mean for application security? ...

December 03, 2019
Valerie Silverthorne

If DevOps is a car, CI/CD is the transmission that connects all the moving parts together to allow for a smooth drive. No modern software development effort can thrive without CI/CD so if you're just getting started here's everything you need to know ...

November 26, 2019
Chris Colosimo

Testing applications and services in isolation only gets you so far, and eventually you need to test in an operational environment. An "environment-based" approach to testing enables teams to test their applications in the context of all of the dependencies that exist in the real world environment ...

November 25, 2019
Michael O'Malley

The shift to DevOps production models, and the increasing reliance on serverless or containerized architectures is often driven by the need for operational speed and consistency. Digital transformation is supposed to make work smoother and more productive. New research from Radware demonstrates the effect that the shift to microservices and the ever-evolving imperatives of digital transformation have had on organizations’ security posture ...

November 20, 2019
Dylan Barrell
Deque Systems

Digital accessibility — making sure your website, mobile site and apps are accessible to all users, including people with disabilities — is increasingly a DevOps requirement that can't be ignored ...

November 18, 2019
Dan Hubbard

Microservices, container orchestration, virtualized machines; these and other tools have created an entire industry to support the fast, continuous development approach. But while efficiency and speed bring competitive advantages, something is still missing: security. With the luxury of speeds comes the by-product of overly pushed data during the development phase. This opens the question of which is more important — speed or security? ...

November 14, 2019
Kalyan Ramanathan
Portworx by Pure Storage

Cloud adoption has steadily increased as more enterprise companies are turning toward a multi-cloud approach for increased scalability, flexibility and maintaining the best-in-breed solutions for independent workloads. This current cloud era driven and disrupted by multi-cloud and open source technologies has created unique challenges for companies who are under pressure to build, run and secure their modern applications and cloud infrastructures effectively and securely ...

November 13, 2019
Tony Yoshicedo

Once you have been using Selenium for a while and are comfortable writing test cases, you can focus on techniques and design principles to get your UI test automation to the next level. Design patterns are covered here in Part 2 ...


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