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December 11, 2015
Amir Rozenberg

Smartphones have been threatening for a few years to top laptops as the preferred way consumers engage with their digital lives. But this year it's really happening – just in time for the holidays. This sets the scene for a very digital Christmas where consumers worldwide will be hunting out presents using mobile apps and websites. To keep pace with increasingly mobile customers, enterprises need a sophisticated approach to mobile app development and testing that gives finicky users a winning digital retail experience across all stages of a customer's journey ...

December 09, 2015
Aruna Ravichandran
CA Technologies

Attempting to weigh the current level of DevOps maturity within your organization is one of those daunting propositions that can leave today's business and technology pros searching for meaningful answers. There are some well-established metrics that can serve as inherent measurements of overall DevOps success, including deployment frequency rates, average lead times, meant time to recovery (MTTR), and of course, any figures resulting from dedicated Application Performance Monitoring (APM). Yet, perhaps even more valuable than some of these numbers, or of greater import to practitioners for purposes of self-assessment, are metrics that help analyze precisely how ongoing DevOps adoption compares to similar efforts among peers ...

December 07, 2015
Tim Pearson

As a result of virtualization and the shift to software-defined networking (SDN), a DevOps culture has begun to emerge in the telecom industry that requires network operators to look beyond technology and the network, and embrace a holistic view of product development, business development, operations and planning ...

December 04, 2015
Amit Sasturkar

Data science and machine learning algorithms have become pervasive throughout the modern consumer world. There are many successful applications of machine learning in consumer products that we use on a daily basis. But, when we look at the Ops world, we find that there is no breakthrough product that incorporates these same machine learning innovations ...

December 03, 2015
Albert Mavashev

Log Analytics is a process of investigating logs and hoping to derive actionable information that might be useful to the business. Many log analytics tools are used to gain visibility into web traffic, security, application behavior, etc. But how valuable and practical is log analytics in reality? ...

December 01, 2015
Pete Waterhouse
CA Technologies

I love the Bourne movies. Apart from the action, what I find fascinating is the uncanny abilities of the protagonist – Jason Bourne; his sixth-sense. He can quickly "weigh up" his surroundings and make detailed assessments of all dangers. This acute level of awareness gives him a distinct competitive advantage. We need this ability in IT Operations, especially with performance monitoring – we need Jason Bourne's situational awareness ...

November 12, 2015
Anand Akela

Improving end-user customer experience is one of the key objectives of an application performance management solution in a production environment. By leveraging the application performance data earlier in the development cycle, DevOps teams can ensure readiness for exceptional customer experience before deploying any application in production. Finally, harnessing the business data in application transactions and logs and correlating them with operational data can provide actionable business insights. In this blog, I will discuss five steps to DevOps success leveraging an application performance management solution in production ...

November 09, 2015
Matthew Hines
CA Technologies

The perception that adopting DevOps is all about culture, not as much about technology, would appear rather shortsighted. No question, navigating the involved people and process issues is widely recognized as the biggest challenge in adopting DevOps models. That's an established concept that I doubt anyone familiar with this movement would attempt to dismiss. However, it's also very clear that finding the right tools and services to support this evolution is a hugely critical piece of the puzzle ...

November 06, 2015
Hansang Bae
Riverbed Technology

SDN adoption in the datacenter is gaining strong interest with SD-WAN emerging as the next wave of network innovation for remote and branch office locations, according to a survey conducted by Riverbed Technology at VMworld 2015 ...

November 04, 2015
Tony Rems

The move toward DevOps is reshaping how organizations approach software development and deployment, and according to research conducted by Appvance Inc., an effective DevOps strategy and addressing unified testing are major concerns for the majority of CIOs and other decision makers ...

November 02, 2015
Pete Waterhouse
CA Technologies

Times are changing. With the imperative to deliver applications faster, developers are increasingly stepping outside their traditional skill-zones and leveraging new automated capabilities – allowing them to develop and test in parallel, while releasing software continuously. In essence, they're not only writing great music, but also building the instruments upon which to play it ...

October 30, 2015
Karen Sowa

DevOps must deal with zombies popping up on all sides, in the form of 500s, 404s, service timeouts, and fatal exceptions. Failing to attack these issues as soon as they crop up can generate rot throughout your business because customers have very little tolerance for a bad experience online ...

October 26, 2015
Chris O'Malley

Most discussions of DevOps assume that the "dev" is being done exclusively in programming languages of recent vintage and that the "ops" are occurring exclusively on distributed or cloud platforms. There are, however, at least three compelling reasons to have a DevOps discussion that focuses on the mainframe ...

October 06, 2015
Jackie Kahle
CA Technologies

A new global survey reveals the top traits of companies who are disrupting their competitors and transforming into successful software-driven, digital businesses. Here's what you can learn from them ...

September 16, 2015
Tony Rems

Testing has often been the low priority on the totem pole in the world of software development. That's not because it isn't important and there isn't value placed on it, but rather because it is difficult, the tools and platforms available are time-consuming to implement and it is the area that most often gets the compressed end of the schedule. Talk to large enterprises and see how many of them have outsourced much of their QA to the lowest cost offshore firm they can find ...


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