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April 28, 2020
Andrew Davis

Some research that I come back to frequently was done by Google as part of their Project Aristotle. They did multi-year research on 180 teams to answer the question "what factors are most conducive to high-performing teams?" The 5 factors they isolated were somewhat surprising, and can be summarized as ...

April 27, 2020
Andrew Davis

One of the challenges that development and IT operations teams have been experiencing for many years is the struggle to keep different environments in sync and to follow an orderly development lifecycle in a way that's efficient and painless. The DevOps revolution has been extremely influential. But late adopters that have been contemplating shifting from a world of ad hoc deployments to a world of systematic innovation delivery, might now have both the impetus and the opportunity they've been looking for ...

April 23, 2020
Chetan Conikee

From SecOps to DevSecOps and SecDevOps, there seems to be an unending stream of new buzzwords in systems technology. With all this jargon, increasingly stories can read more like inside baseball rather than an intentional strategy. To understand insertion of "Security" into "‘DevOps", we need to reminisce about the origins of term "DevOps" ...

April 20, 2020
Michael Hackett

If you talk to any Manager today, Continuous Testing (CT) is probably high on their list of goals for the year. But, they often don't state the why for implementing Test Automation and CT. When you look at the effects of CT and the myriad of benefits it provides, it makes sense: Continuous Testing helps to deliver immediate feedback, and can give a business an advantage with minimized risks and unblocked testing bottlenecks in the Agile/DevOps environments that will ensure a faster experience ...

April 16, 2020
Alok Shukla

I recently conducted a survey of developers and found that when developer and development shops were asked about the "best time to discover code security issues," largely unaided, 85% responded inserting security at pull request — a best practice that ensures the right developer gets the right vulnerability information at the right time and more efficiently addresses vulnerabilities in early in development cycles, improving the overall security of the final build ...

April 15, 2020
Dylan Barrell
Deque Systems

Imagine you are someone with a vision, hearing or cognitive disability who relies on assistive technologies to access content and services. The ability to access personal financial information without blockers is critical for people with disabilities. That's where digital accessibility — making certain a site or app is navigable by users with disabilities — factors into the software development process ...

April 14, 2020
Josh Stella

With very few exceptions, all software engineering teams are now operating in a fully distributed mode due to the COVID-19 crisis and our efforts to keep team members safe and avoid spreading the virus. For teams that were already fully distributed, the interruptions are likely minimal. But those that are making the rapid transition from fully- or partially-colocated to 100% distributed are experiencing significant disruptions to their operations — and their cloud security posture ...

April 08, 2020
Chris O'Malley

Vanson Bourne recently conducted a survey of organizations reliant on the mainframe with a surprising finding: deployment frequency for new mainframe features is expected to increase by 41%, compared to 38% for non-mainframe applications. Why would deployment frequency on the mainframe be higher than other platforms? ...

April 07, 2020
Bob Davis

With the surge of COVID-19, our daily lives have changed — both personally and professionally. Its impact has caused an entire shift on how we work and where we work. For now, your entire software development team has to work remotely. For many organizations, the digital transformation efforts that were implemented before the crisis have added another layer in their transition to remote work. In these circumstances, you might be wondering how to successfully manage an IT digital transformation while shifting to a remote team ...

April 06, 2020
Chetan Conikee

As practitioners become aware of software security's importance, they are increasingly adopting and evolving a set of best practices to address the problem. Such best practices are defined by experienced architects within an organization or by subject matter experts in the developer community ...

April 02, 2020
Chetan Conikee

Many developers dread code reviews, and one reason for this is probably that most reviewers only offer criticism rather than encouragement. Remember as a peer reviewer, you can also reinforce things you see that are done well, which can be every bit as important and effective as nitpicking every design flaw, mistake, bug or styling issue. There is an intrinsic value of positive reinforcement for encouraging desirable behavior ...

April 01, 2020
Jeffrey Singman

Breakthroughs in communications platforms as a service (CPaaS) are making it increasingly easier to embed voice, messaging, chat and video into experiences than ever before through low-code or no-code options. These development platforms allow developers to embed application logic within the CPaaS to implement robust communications capabilities into business processes and applications — such as a voice interface or a chatbox — with just a few lines of code ...

March 25, 2020
Jon Seaton

The software testing industry is known for its jargon — from black-box testing and defects to mutation testing and Gherkin. But two important terms in the software delivery lifecycle are alpha testing and beta testing ...

March 24, 2020
Kendra Little
Redgate Software

Redgate Software's annual State of Database DevOps Report shows a shift in priorities and new obstacles ahead for the DevOps community ...

March 23, 2020
Chetan Conikee

In the Part 1 of this blog, I touched on formal definition and risks associated with Insider Threats. In this post I will examine the top X insider threats that were reported over the last decade ...


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