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November 04, 2021
Grayson Milbourne
Carbonite + Webroot

Ransomware is no stranger to corporate networks, as it poses huge risks and even larger recovery efforts that are quite costly. Successful ransomware attacks can result in locked systems, stolen identity, data held hostage — all of which can wreak chaos and disaster to the targeted organizations. When ransomware reaches its target, it's practically game over ...

October 20, 2021
Grant Ho

In the new cloud order, where seamless collaboration between DevOps and ITOps is critical, Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) processes, combined with Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools, are being heralded as the keys to optimal application development and deployment. Adoption is broad and expectations are high. There's just one problem: CI/CD and IaC have yet to fully deliver on their promise ...

October 18, 2021
Kevin Bartley

Since 2020, marketing APIs evolved and expanded as the martech industry changed dramatically. Covid-19 made digital marketing more important than ever. New powerhouse ad platforms such as TikTok emerged to dominate the scene. Apple iOS 14 forced API updates and upended digital marketing strategies. In this environment, the number of marketing APIs and API updates ballooned higher. Just consider the five marketing APIs with the most updates since 2020 ...

October 12, 2021
Ed Sawma

Chief information officer (CIO) and chief technology officer (CTO) roles have converged at the same time as both positions have taken on significantly increased responsibility for business strategy, according to a new survey of CIOs and CTOs. More than 66% of CIOs and 78% of CTOs report their position is now directly involved in or leading business strategy ...

October 07, 2021
Noel Wurst

SmartBear recently released the results of its 2021 State of Software Quality | Testing survey. I doubt you'll be surprised to hear that a "lack of time" was reported as the number one challenge to doing more testing, especially as release frequencies continue to increase. However, it was disheartening to see that a lack of time was also the number one response when we asked people to identify the biggest blocker to professional development ...

October 05, 2021
Andrew Smith
Veeva Systems

After almost 20 years in engineering, I've realized the most high-performing, seasoned software engineers are like monks. They are deliberate about work, exceptional listeners, highly capable of processing complex information and adept at thinking creatively. They also build psychological safe spaces for constructive debate, are empathetic and value different perspectives. It's a radically different mindset than viewing peers as competition — and it's one that enhances trust and encourages greater individual and group performance. Unfortunately, these types of engineers are now the exception, not the norm ...

October 04, 2021
Gary Ogasawara

The growing adoption of Kubernetes frameworks by major infrastructure and cloud players is making it easier to support cloud-native apps for big data. This is an important development, as it enables organizations to unlock additional value from that data ...

September 30, 2021
Mike Fitzmaurice

Most organizations were already embracing transformation initiatives to improve efficiency, increase flexibility, and strengthen both employee and customer experiences. Whether it was about incremental improvements or complete digital transformation, the recent pandemic accelerated and widened the scope of such efforts. Automating a lot of manual processes and activities quickly became the norm, especially since manual efforts did not fit well with an increase in remote work ...

September 28, 2021
Heather Peyton

Policy as code is an evolution of the infrastructure as code movement, which has actually been discussed and adopted in DevOps circles for the past decade. Today, we're at an interesting point where Policy as Code is starting to break out of its DevOps bubble to be embraced more widely across the tech sphere — yet there is still a lot of confusion around what it is and how it can be used most effectively ...

September 27, 2021
Bob Davis

Historically, when a new business project is the driver of new software releases, the development team creates release packages consisting of large bundles of new features, which they hand off to the IT operations team to deploy. Then, as a result of agile adoption, the development team continued to ramp up its release cadence. Unfortunately, the IT operations team would not be prepared for an increase in releases, which could result in a number of problems ...

September 23, 2021
Lebin Cheng

By 2022, it's predicted that APIs will become the most frequently attacked enterprise web application vector. To fully realize a successful approach to development security operations (DevSecOps) for API security, creating an effective feedback loop between DevOps and SecOps teams is critical to getting a grasp on API security risks ...

September 21, 2021
Brian Gracely
Red Hat

How does Kubernetes act as an OS for container-based apps? As an OS, Linux manages the resources needed by applications on a single computer. In Kubernetes, the challenge is managing the resources for many applications across many computers ...

September 20, 2021
Michael Stahnke

Technology executives are often hard-pressed to explain how investing in developer headcount and tooling results in returns for their bottom line. As a business leader, it can be difficult to measure the true value of hiring more developers or investing in software delivery tools. To accurately make this type of ROI assessment, it's essential to track meaningful engineering output metrics ...

September 16, 2021
Kinjal Vora

The year 2020 brought along with it a sea worth of challenges — from the organizational impacts of a distributed remote workforce to the acceleration of digital initiatives for business continuity. CIOs also realized opportunities to effectively manage data and analytics and break down data silos in order to streamline decision making and bring the strategic priorities to the forefront ...

September 13, 2021
Ryan Berry
OneStream Software

For years, businesses opted for third-party software, vendors or have hired their own software engineers to innovate and set themselves apart from competitors. The realities of today's world require most every company to shift towards building software to offer services accessible anywhere on any device or to deliver data-driven intelligence used to allow management to make informed decisions anytime, anywhere. This thirst for knowledge, information, and the ability to rapidly extend services to customers drives needs for agile innovation, though, IT departments cannot do it alone. Enter citizen developers! ...


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