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June 14, 2021
Dylan Barrell
Deque Systems

When it comes to digital accessibility — making sure your website, mobile site, app or content is convenient and easy to use for people with disabilities — great progress has been made with automated testing. Deque Systems recently conducted a study that found the total number of digital accessibility issues which can be identified through our automated technology is 57% ...

June 10, 2021
Brian Johnson

If security teams cannot prioritize or secure their Kubernetes deployment, the entire cloud application stack and larger organization are at high risk. When not protected, attackers are able to take advantage of cluster settings and escalate privileges to gain full control, which can result in company breaches and the exploitation of private data. Cybersecurity teams should follow these steps to better protect their data stored in the cloud from attack ...

June 09, 2021
Valerie Silverthorne

In 2020, while a pandemic raged and teams everywhere learned how to work remotely, something rather unexpected happened to DevOps: it grew up. Teams stopped talking about DevOps and simply started doing DevOps, bringing in "big guns" technologies, new ways of thinking, and making huge breakthroughs in everything from release times to automation, new technology adoption and code quality ...

June 08, 2021
Michael P. Morris

The gamification of work enables individuals to showcase skills and demonstrate value in ways previously unavailable to employees and employers ...

June 07, 2021
Michael P. Morris

Gamification is serious business. While the term artfully captures the fun of scoring points and competing against others (and ourselves), gamification is driving profound economic and cultural changes in how human beings perceive and pursue work ...

June 02, 2021
Rob Mason

Plenty of organizations are already underway with shift-left testing — i.e., conducting the testing of features immediately after they are coded — according to a survey of more than 1,800 QA, product, engineering and DevOps professionals and practitioners around the world on the topic of shift-left testing, conducted by Applause ...

May 24, 2021
Kassidy Kelley

Business software tools need to meet consumers with better products. Software testing with enterprise specific strategies can improve app user experience. After research and examining real world case studies, we found these three best practices that translate the unique facets of business software testing into best practices that provide a competitive edge ...

May 18, 2021
Matthew D. Groves

Undoubtedly, 2020 was a turbulent year. Though software architects are always under pressure to deliver projects on time, just how much additional pressure did the pandemic bring? What part did legacy technology play in hindering (or helping) them to support new technologies? Has architecture deployment changed? What will inform the future success of architects? ...

May 13, 2021
Eran Kinsbruner
Perfecto by Perforce

Manual testing is a nuisance to DevOps teams. Enter automation. Adopting scriptless automation doesn't need to be as hard as it may look. There are four easy steps that teams can make to easily transition to the no-code software ...

May 12, 2021
Bill Stevenson

Business meetings have become more digitally collaborative in response to the sudden increase in remote workforces. For the most part, this rapid transition to digital was quite successful in moving the typically in-person business meeting to the cloud. This transition to remote collaboration, however, has yet to extend to other key business processes. The software development workflow is still, in large part, sequential ...

May 10, 2021
Valerie Silverthorne

Education has a reputation for being slow to adopt technology, especially when it comes to DevOps, but that trend is beginning to reverse as early adopters see great success in both academic use and institutional administration ...

May 06, 2021
Tim Perry

When adopting DevOps, it's essential to take a mindful and strategic approach to change management. Investing this care and attention at the outset of DevOps initiatives can help ensure they proceed quickly and seamlessly, accelerating the business's progress and speeding time to value. Do you need to accelerate DevOps adoption in your organization? These five tips will help you get started today ...

May 04, 2021
Jon Edvald

Working with microservices and Kubernetes often means solving the same solved problems over and over, without having the time to focus on what really brings value to the business. Garden recently commissioned research to gather insights from software professionals to find out where time is being spent, what tasks often cause frustration, and how this time could be better spent. Some of what we learned reinforced my own experiences but there were some other surprising insights. And when we set out to quantify the impact of time spent on "solved problems" that respondents shared with us, the data was truly eye popping ...

April 29, 2021
Hillel Solow
Check Point

The DevOps revolution of the past decade has been driven by an increasingly fast-moving world. Where once the release of new software and applications was an event that happened every few months, it's now a constant, ongoing process with new code rolled out continually. DevOps teams have embraced this challenge by breaking free of the traditional siloed approach, and owning more of the development cycle themselves, including quality testing, integration and deployment. However, there's a major component that DevOps is still failing to take responsibility for: security ...

April 27, 2021
Jason Beres

Low code tools on the market focus on going from idea to app, by skipping the designer and much of the developer. That's a good way to get a concept out of your head and come up with a prototype, but to create a mission-critical business app with a good user experience, low-code apps on their own won't cut it ...


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