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February 03, 2022
Evgeny Zislis
DoiT International

In this age of software eating the world, implementation speed is of the essence. Organizations that cannot update their systems quickly and effectively will find themselves left behind by more nimble competitors and become easy prey for cybercriminals. A key limiting factor in the deployment of software is that it often must reside in different locations and devices, and in some cases will be serving different use cases. This requires the creation of multiple configurations, which accompany the application code ...

February 01, 2022
Darshan Shivashankar

Although APIs are the backbone of our digital economy, their growth means more API sprawl — a distributed infrastructure of APIs with a lack of observability and traceability leading to vulnerabilities, breaches, and attacks. It is time to start thinking about what drives the sprawl and control it ...

January 31, 2022
Frédéric Harper

Enterprises are embarking on a fastened route to digital transformation, and as this happens, DevOps has become more crucial than ever. The developer community has scaled quickly, and its presence and growth have been drivers of change within multiple industries. To continue on that growing path and succeed in our increasingly digital-driven world, organizations must embrace the tendencies that will power the future of the digital revolution. As a developer myself, there are a few key trends that I think will shape our reality in 2022 and upcoming years ...

January 27, 2022
Bob Davis

A lot of the displeasure that comes with releases in traditional operating environments results from the disengagement between the development and IT operations teams, more aptly known as a "wall of confusion" between the two silos. To remedy this, many organizations have turned to DevOps to break down the silos and deliver more value faster and safer by balancing throughput and stability. There are two key principles in DevOps that can be used as a starting point ...

January 26, 2022
Tenry Fu
Spectro Cloud

Spectro Cloud has published results from their first annual Kubernetes adoption survey to provide both businesses and the broader ecosystem with a real-world reference point of best practices as it relates to Kubernetes deployment and management. Here's what was uncovered ...

January 24, 2022
Ray Carey

Creating accessible websites is a critical part of creating a more equitable society. However, many organizations struggle to turn the vision of delivering more inclusive digital properties into a reality. The key reason is that making online services accessible is challenging and there is no quick fix ...

January 18, 2022
Sashank Purighalla
BOS Framework

In today's hyper-digital world, organizations and their developers are having to deliver faster go-to-market innovations than ever, which can mean siloed applications and rising integration challenges — otherwise known as spaghetti architecture — instead of stable and resilient ecosystems ...

January 13, 2022
Grayson Milbourne
Carbonite + Webroot

With the evolving threat landscape and continued impact of the pandemic, it remains crucial businesses stay abreast of new cybercriminal trends so they can be proactive and actionable in protecting their data and information ...

January 12, 2022
Marie Ponseel
Traefik Labs

Kubernetes usage is clearly on the rise. Yet more and more companies using Kubernetes with applications in production are facing challenges managing and operating the systems. This begged the question: Which challenges are commonplace, and what patterns can we observe from Kubernetes usage? ...

December 06, 2021
Kirby Wadsworth

According to Puppet's State of DevOps Report 2021, 83% of IT professionals report their organizations are implementing DevOps practices to achieve faster time to delivery, gain increased security of systems and unlock higher business value. No surprise. What is a bit eye-opening is that those same DevOps teams report that finding the right metrics to monitor and measure success is still a challenge. Here are a few simple metrics that all DevOps professionals should monitor and measure on a regular basis ...

December 02, 2021
Tom Tovar

Mobile app security is broken. The problem is that there's a massive mismatch between the way mobile apps are developed and the way developers implement security. Mobile DevOps uses CI/CD tools to automate the development of mobile apps and of their deployment into production. Security, however, is still almost entirely manual, which is very slow ...

December 01, 2021
Chandra Shekhar

Transformative technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have changed the way we perceive DevOps. They have transformed the DevOps environment in such a way that execution of processes like data analysis and management has not only become simpler but also faster. Not to mention, these next-level solutions help users speed up their software development cycle, thus ensuring faster time-to-value ...

November 30, 2021
Kinjal Vora

As businesses seek ways to capitalize on the benefits of digital transformation, low-code tools provide a compelling solution for application development. Low-code tech is an efficient approach to empower a new line of "citizen developers," boost developer productivity, and scale up more rapidly ...

November 29, 2021
Kumar Chivukula

In the cloud world, containers are the centerpoint of a growing majority of deployments. By providing compartmentalization of workloads and the ability to run "serverless," containers can speed up and secure deployments and create flexibility unreachable by old style application servers. While a variety of tools have been developed to meet this need, none are as impactful to the industry as Kubernetes. It has emerged as the de facto container orchestration tool for many companies ...

November 22, 2021
Mark Lambert

From facial recognition to self-driving cars, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have become commonplace for many industries in recent years. In parallel, the software development industry has undergone a transformation of its own ...


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