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June 11, 2020
Razi Shoshani

Today developers are challenged with data that is more complex, stored in silos, often causing long gaps between application development specification creation and the deployment of the integrated solution. As organizations have struggled to meet these issues head-on, they've experienced increased strain on manpower and resources, bringing with it rising costs, and making it even more challenging to successfully integrate and manage the organization's growing data stores. Following are some questions and answers focused on actions organizations can take to ease these growing pains and ensure clean, fast data processes ...

June 08, 2020
Dion Picco

DevOps is usually lumped in with "being agile" and, sadly, misunderstood. My goal here is for you to gain a great understanding of and realizing the full potential of DevOps. Once that is established, this will lead to a better understanding of the innovation and evolution enabled by DevOps ...

June 02, 2020
Matthew Lewinki

The logical extension of the DevOps cultural shift to address this need is DevSecOps: incorporating security throughout the delivery lifecycle rather than treating it as a separate, and potentially optional, concern. Let's dig deeper into some benefits of adopting DevSecOps culture and practices ...

June 01, 2020
Matt Hilbert
Redgate Software

Redgate's annual State of Database DevOps Report presents a yearly glimpse into the latest facts, figures and trends about DevOps across different industry sectors. Over the last four years, Financial Services has consistently been the top performer, with more respondents in the sector adopting DevOps and introducing automation across the database development process, enabling them to deploy changes faster ...

May 27, 2020
Jonathan Fries

Beyond mere geographic distribution, how well do your teams work if they are distributed in multiple locations? Can you get specialists from a geography quickly and onboard them onto a team whose main contingent is elsewhere? ...

May 26, 2020
Jonathan Fries

Real digital transformation is built on a foundation of adaptability and the ability to embrace change. As we all face new challenges, I am offering some tips as a way to look deeply at your distributed work that is occurring and evaluate where and how it might be improved ...

May 20, 2020
Valerie Silverthorne

Nearly 3,700 people told GitLab about their DevOps journeys. Respondents shared that their roles are changing dramatically, no matter where they sit in the organization. The lines surrounding the traditional definitions of dev, sec, ops and test have blurred, and as we enter the second half of 2020, it is perhaps more important than ever for companies to understand how these roles are evolving ...

May 18, 2020
Tim Hall

The unprecedented global pandemic required organizations around the world to move their workforce almost completely remote — some in a matter of days. While many startups and organizations previously had a culture where employees were enabled to work remotely, that was not the case for all organizations. As a result, many employees are adjusting to a new way of working, including one audience some may not have expected: developers ...

May 14, 2020
Chetan Conikee

The average multinational spends several million dollars a year on compliance, while in highly regulated industries — like financial services and defense — the costs can be in the tens or even hundreds of millions. Despite conducting these rigorous assessments yet we wake up to data breach announcements on an hourly basis ...

May 13, 2020
Jonathan Fries

In today's business climate, the reality of remote work is sinking in, especially for technology teams who must continue to work to keep the lights on. As more workers move to remote settings and consumers and users begin to rely more heavily on digital apps and experiences, being able to work successfully and productively in such an environment is critical. Whether your organization already has dispersed teams, either locally or globally, or you're just getting started, check out these tips to get on the path to success ...

May 12, 2020
Rich Weber

There are multiple stages that the organization can take to adapt to the new normal of WFH. A new normal that will change IT forever — the way it is used, implemented, and valued. This is the frontline where remote working solutions and cloud platforms and technology solutions will be forged in the flames of necessity and demand ...

May 11, 2020
Rich Weber

Once upon a time, organizations could choose whether or not they would allow remote working for their employees. They could sit in boardrooms and IT war rooms and hand out remote work passes like golden tickets for the Chocolate Factory. Covid-19 has changed everything. The war rooms and boardrooms are collecting dust, as decision-makers and employees work from home (WFH). But what does this actually mean for the organization in terms of its architecture and technical specifications? ...

May 05, 2020
Faouzi Kassab

We are asked to make software purchases based on "business requirements." Often, those "requirements" are vaguely communicated and easily misinterpreted. This is especially true for payment gateways. Now is a good time to discuss these "business requirements" because COVID-19 and the global recession have forced companies to cut costs and double down on ecommerce efforts. I hope that these three considerations can help you get more mileage out of your fintech stack in tough times ...

May 04, 2020
Markku Rossi

Amid the current public health crisis, a vast majority of IT system administrators, DevOps teams and software engineers are forced to work remotely. It's a new way of working for many businesses, introducing sudden and widespread change to conventional workflows, processes, team collaboration and more. It's also creating security risks, opening new attack vectors while significantly expanding current ones ...

April 29, 2020
Andrew Davis

The third and final key takes this down to the individual level. The motivation for knowledge work must come from our hearts ...


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