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May 26, 2022
Dan Pupius

When execs talk with me about their desire to bring their teams back into the office in this new, post-pandemic world, the main argument I hear centers around the concept of "culture." An amorphous feeling that a return to the office is essential for teams to remain effective. "But," I ask, "weren't your teams effective during the pandemic when we all had no choice but to stay home?" ...

May 23, 2022
James Bent

Can DevOps and low code work hand in hand? Philosophically, the two are at odds; DevOps inherently insinuates that code will be involved, while low code/no code insinuates the opposite. So, how can LC/NC and DevOps work together in harmony if they are intrinsically opposed to one another? Can they really be friends, or are they resigned to being foes? ...

May 19, 2022
Justin Dolly
Sauce Labs

The biggest challenge in today's environment is blending security into the development process. All companies have different software development life cycles (SDLC), infrastructure, repositories, availability, deployment areas (think cloud, on-premise, hybrid), accesses, etc.The balance of slowly introducing security, ideally with the biggest impact at the smallest cost (this could be financial or time and effort), into an already established life cycle is key ...

May 16, 2022
Brian Galura

The DevOps journey begins by understanding a team's DevOps flow and identifying precisely what tasks deliver the best return on engineers' time when automated. The rest of this blog will help DevOps team managers by outlining what jobs can — and should be automated ...

May 12, 2022
Jack McCurdy

DevOps is not a tool in itself. You can't download it. It is made up of tools and methods and a whole way of working — the DevOps culture. At its core, DevOps is about creating an open, regular flow between operations and development — and therefore clear communication and collaboration is essential. With demand increasing to build innovative systems to attract and retain customers, a cohesive DevOps culture can be the differentiator that puts you at the forefront of commercial growth ...

May 10, 2022
Yasser Fuentes

DevOps is considered green when it comes to security practices. Developers are generally focused on the performance and deployment of solutions, rather than their protection. As cloud workload security (CWS) advances from deployment, to mainstream adoption, to run-time optimization, there are certain steps that DevOps teams need to implement to ensure they're properly protecting their projects. Below, find three critical steps for DevOps teams to improve their CWS protections for application deployment and run-time ...

May 09, 2022
Robson Grieve

While the benefits of cloud-native development are clear, we recently released a report revealing that the majority of companies are well behind the curve and have not yet pursued this technology. Based on a survey of 500+ IT leaders and developers, our report found stark contrasts between expectations and readiness for the use of cloud-native development with more than half of respondents (53%) stating they don't know much about it ...

May 04, 2022
Caitlyn O'Connell

There's one key finding we'd like to explore further for the sake of this post, and that is that companies at a high level of DevOps evolution continue to compensate their employees at the highest level, with practitioner salaries doubling and manager salaries nearly tripling from 2020 to 2021. Let's dig in ...

May 03, 2022
Marco Palladino

Companies have invested significantly in digital transformation in recent years, especially to navigate the pandemic, but are they any closer to outmaneuvering the competition? According to Kong's 2022 API & Microservices Connectivity Report, our third-annual research report, the answer is a resounding "No" ...

April 28, 2022
Cory Virok

Burnout during the pandemic has had wide-ranging impacts across the workforce. Nearly three-fourths (72%) of U.S. tech workers planned to quit their jobs between August 2021 and August of 2022, according to a study by TalentLS and Workable. And the work world is now entering the third wave of post-pandemic mass employee attrition ...

April 26, 2022
Gaurav Rishi
Kasten by Veeam

Just like health in humans where both nature and nurture play an important role; a healthy Kubernetes deployment too needs to have the right start with secure foundations, as well as secure operational practices to keep your clusters running. However, accidents do occur, and things go wrong unexpectedly, so it is critical to invest in an insurance policy with Kubernetes data protection ...

April 25, 2022
Sara Faatz

It's 2022 and a larger segment of any modern app's user base comes from mobile form factors. It's no longer enough that developers create apps that are simply functional and visually appealing — they need to be accessible as well ...

April 21, 2022
Tobi Knaup

Leading organizations around the world are adopting cloud native technologies to build next- generation products and achieve the agility that they need to stay ahead of their competition. Although cloud native and Kubernetes are very disruptive technologies, there is another technology that is probably the most disruptive technology of our generation — artificial intelligence (AI) and its subset, machine learning (ML) ...

April 18, 2022
Rob Mason

Over the past few decades, artificial intelligence (AI) has gone from a sci-fi concept to an everyday reality. But just how valuable and useful has AI been when it comes to customer service? Applause recently conducted a survey on the topic, which looked into the use of AI for voice applications, such as chatbots, interactive voice response (IVR), and other conversational AI-assistants. Here's what we uncovered ...

April 14, 2022
Nick Mears
Micro Focus

Effective Quality Assurance (QA) and testing have become table stakes for organizations navigating various stages of IT modernization and cloud migration. With CIOs increasingly focusing on delivering value through testing versus simply finding defects, leveraging Agile and DevOps strategies can transform quality processes to optimize the customer experience ...


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