Understanding Insider Attacks - Part 2
March 23, 2020

Chetan Conikee

In the previous blog I touched on formal definition and risks associated with Insider Threats. In this post I will examine the top X insider threats that were reported over the last decade (in no particular order):

Siemens Contractor Sentenced for Writing "Logic Bombs"

The now-former banker at JP Morgan Chase, Peter Persaud sold personal identifying information (PII) and other account information, including the personal identification numbers (PIN) of bank customers

Former JP Morgan Chase investment advisor, Michael Oppenheim, was accused in a civil complaint of stealing more than $20M from the bank’s clients between 2011 and 2015

IT plonker stuffed "destructive" logic bomb into US Army servers in contract revenge attack

Wells Fargo reported insider fraud by employees who created almost 2M accounts for their clients without their knowledge or consent

Punjab National Bank in India parted with almost $43M after Gokulnath Shetty, a bank employee, used unauthorized access to a susceptible password in the SWIFT interbank transaction system

Amazon investigates claims staff are leaking data for bribes

Compromised data coming from website registrations for various games and online gambling promotions, ringtone storefronts, and movie ticketing where a rogue insider Kim is said to have earned $390,919 USD by selling off and using the compromised records

Engineer gets 18 months in the clink for looting ex-bosses' FTP server

In February 2018, Suntrust Bank became aware of an attempted data breach by a now-former employee who downloaded client information

Transmitting malicious code with intent to cause damage to a U.S. Army computer used in the furtherance of national security

Ex-IBM employee from China gets five years prison for stealing code

Rogue IT admin goes off the rails, shuts down Canadian train switches

Bank of America lost at least $10M as a result of an insider threat that sold “about 300” customer data to cyber-criminals

Espionage convictions for selling DuPont technology to China for the production of a valuable white pigment

IT pro gets 4 years in prison for sabotaging ex-employer’s system

Ex-NSA employee gets 5.5 years in prison for taking home classified info

Chetan Conikee is Founder and CTO of ShiftLeft
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