Tricentis to Livestream Accelerate SF: Automation @ the Speed of Change
Two days of continuous testing insights will be shared with the global community of software testing professionals, free of charge
May 16, 2019

Tricentis announced that sessions from the Accelerate SF keynote stage will be livestreamed for free.

Livestream Registration

On May 22-23, the global community of software testing professionals can join the San Francisco attendees to discuss what’s needed to meet the changing expectations associated with digital transformation.

This year’s conference theme is Automation @ the Speed of Change. Conference highlights include:

- The Next Great Debate, “AI: You Can’t Handle the Truth!” where a panel of industry leaders explore whether AI is a dream or a nightmare for software testers

- Gartner analyst Tom Murphy’s perspective on the future of automation for the enterprise, including the convergence of RPA and software test automation

- The “Automation Imperative” CIO panel with executives from BNP Paribas and T-Mobile

- Be Agile – hack your space, Steelcase’s unique take on accelerating Agile transformations via spatial re-design

- Software testing insights from AshColeman, Paul Grizzaffi, Keith Klain, Adam Satterfield, and leaders from Merck, Disney Streaming, Chick-fil-A, Fannie Mae, Nationwide, Toyota, Tasktop, and more

“In the application development and delivery world, the only constant is change,” noted Tricentis CEO Sandeep Johri. “Today’s software testing professionals have already witnessed seismic shifts in business expectations, development methodologies, system architectures, and more. And, the new focus on digital transformation means that the rate and scope of change will only increase. At Accelerate SF, we’re excited to share the latest trends, best practices, and innovations that will help leading enterprises keep pace.”

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