SmartBear Releases CucumberStudio
December 12, 2019

SmartBear released CucumberStudio.

CucumberStudio merges Cucumber with HipTest, which SmartBear acquired in 2018, representing an investment in a solution that supports all aspects of behavior-driven development (BDD).

Cucumber enables stakeholders to harness the power of BDD, improve agile processes, and work with greater consistency and efficiency.

Coinciding with the launch of CucumberStudio is the newly-designed, which continues as a launching point for its open source communities, documentation, and the Cucumber School for training and education. Rounding out the Cucumber portfolio is the October 2019 release of Cucumber for Jira.

As BDD becomes more popular with teams looking to make their agile and DevOps processes more efficient, this latest release represents Cucumber’s evolution into a broader suite of capabilities. CucumberStudio is a commercial product that creates a direct relationship between acceptance criteria, tests to validate those criteria, and the living documentation of your application and its capabilities.

“With more than 30 million downloads to date, Cucumber has enabled an incredible number of teams to discover the joy of BDD,” says Cucumber Co-founder, Matt Wynne. “CucumberStudio is the tool we’ve always dreamed of. It enables BDD at scale by making this stuff accessible to businesspeople, too, creating a single source of truth that eliminates all the barriers to collaboration.”

CucumberStudio enables organizations to deliver quality software at the pace of modern business. Features/benefits include:

- Unlock your Single Source of Truth: Seamless Git integration means your BDD documentation is always up to date. Stop sending documents and worrying if everyone has the latest version.

- Enable Frictionless Collaboration: CucumberStudio empowers the whole team to read and refine executable specifications without needing technical tools. Business and technology teams can collaborate on acceptance criteria and bridge their gaps.

- Publish Living Documentation: See your team’s feature files rendered as beautiful, easily understood documentation, automatically verified with every developer check-in.

- Achieve Agile Test Management: Automated tests build confidence and trust across the team. Give all stakeholders visibility into testing activity and results with analytics built for modern agile organizations.

In addition to investments in the Cucumber platform, SmartBear continues to innovate in the areas of test automation and execution for agile and DevOps teams using Jira. These innovations include a new Zephyr for Jira native integration, the ability to render Gherkin specifications inside Jira projects, and new Jira integrations with TestComplete, SoapUI Pro and CrossBrowserTesting.

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