SmartBear Introduces New LoadNinja API
March 25, 2019

SmartBear released a new REST API for LoadNinja, enabling software testers and developers to integrate performance testing into their continuous development and deployment workflows.

With the addition of this API, teams cannot only playback recorded test scripts immediately without any modification and load test accurately using real browsers at scale, but now, they can automate their entire performance testing process, instilling confidence in the quality of every release.

“This release marks an important milestone in our mission to transform how organizations load test modern applications, empowering teams to run load tests with real browsers and efficiently scale their performance testing processes,” said Anand Sundaram, VP of Products at SmartBear. “The LoadNinja API makes it easier than ever to integrate load testing into agile and DevOps workflows and to maximize test coverage without sacrificing time or quality.”

The LoadNinja API is the tip of the iceberg in terms of capabilities that help teams rapidly load test web apps. Customers are realizing the benefits of the LoadNinja InstaPlay recorder, as reflected in their ability to create tests in a few minutes; a stark contrast to the hours and days it took to create these tests previously. LoadNinja gives users the ability to parameterize tests to support a variety of use cases to match an application’s needs, and together with the most realistic load generation, engineers and developers can use real browser-based performance data to pinpoint and debug issues in real time. Additionally, the reporting in LoadNinja supports performance baselining and comparison over time to provide insights into deviations that need to be corrected before the application goes live.

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