SmartBear Expands Test Automation for Atlassian Ecosystem
April 10, 2019

SmartBear announced four new product integrations between its test management solution, Zephyr, and its leading test automation tools, SoapUI Pro, TestComplete, CrossBrowserTesting, and LoadNinja.

The recent acquisition of Zephyr represents the company’s initiative to unify test automation and test management with a native Jira Solution.

SmartBear is continuing the Zephyr team’s commitment to the Atlassian ecosystem with a focus on integrating the entire SmartBear portfolio with the Atlassian tool stack, including commonly used tools like Jira, Bitbucket, and Confluence. As software teams increasingly adopt Jira, Confluence, and other Atlassian products into their everyday workflow, SmartBear is leading the charge in extending the functionality of Atlassian tools into the test automation space.

SmartBear recognizes that for many teams, Jira has become the central place for work. By leveraging Zephyr and creating new integrations, SmartBear provides Atlassian users with a native Jira experience for all their development activities from defining a user story, implementing the user story, writing tests for that user story, identifying a bug, managing defects, resolving an issue, and continuing with development and testing activities through operations and production. These new integrations complement those workflows by enabling integration of functional and performance test automation efforts across UI, API, and data layers, as well as across a range of mobile devices and browsers.

SmartBear has also expanded its Behavior Driven Development (BDD) capabilities with the introduction of a new Living Documentation Jira plug-in, enabling all team members to collaborate through discussion, comments, and review of feature files by publishing test results and documentation from an existing source control and CI environment directly into Jira.

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