SmartBear Enables One-Click Deployment of Cloud-Based Load Tests
November 16, 2015

SmartBear Software has updated Ready! API to include new options for one-click deployment of cloud-based load tests in Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), improving continuous delivery of high performance APIs for developers and testers.

Agile software teams are increasingly being required to perform more complex testing earlier on in the delivery lifecycle. While API performance is paramount to a seamless consumer experience, it is often overlooked due to the skills and time traditionally required to perform pre-production load testing. As organizations build out their API strategy, they need simple and fast ways to resolve speed and scalability issues in the APIs they develop, and they need tools that fit within their budgetary and time constraints.

“Load testing in Ready! API is by far the easiest way to know how well your API scales in response to large volumes of traffic,” said Paul Bruce, API Product Manager at SmartBear. “Pulling in the power of Amazon EC2 cloud resources into a load test is a fast and inexpensive way for anyone on a software team, developers or testers, to be confident that their API will handle high demand situations gracefully.”

Ready! API 1.5 includes updates to LoadUI NG Pro to make it easy for developers and testers to tap into the power of cloud computing to execute large-scale, distributed performance tests from a single interface. With minimal configuration, software teams can load test their APIs from a variety of locations around the world, managing cost and complexity with the freedom to choose what types of cloud-based resources to use for different testing scenarios.

With the new one-click cloud deployment capabilities in LoadUI NG Pro, developers and testers can quickly and easily:

- Deploy and decommission load testing agents (load generators) on Amazon EC2 in bulk

- Proactively estimate the cost of load tests before running the actual test

- Ensure accuracy in load testing by monitoring use of Amazon EC2 load agents in real-time

LoadUI NG Pro brings the process of constructing, executing and extracting meaning from API load tests down to earth. Run your API load tests up in the cloud, on premise or from diverse locations around the world. As part of the Ready! API platform, any functional tests you write can be used as part of an API load test, reducing implementation time and risk.

Ready! API 1.5 also includes updates to ServiceV Pro, SmartBear’s lightweight API virtualization tool, enabling developers and testers to more easily control routing and dispatching rules for dynamic mocks, also known as “virtual APIs” during load and functional tests. In combination with updates to LoadUI NG Pro, ServiceV Pro can help teams perform fault isolation during load tests within one unified API testing platform.

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