SL-GMS J/Developer and J/Net to Support Windows 10
December 07, 2015

SL Corporation has added Windows 10 support in the latest release of SL-GMS J/Developer and J/Net, version 4.4a.

SL-GMS J/Developer is a Java-based real-time dynamic GUI/HMI development tool for advanced control and monitoring systems and J/Net is an enhanced option for network management.

First released in 1998, based on SL’s special visualization and code generation technologies, SL-GMS J/Developer has been used to deploy many advanced monitoring systems worldwide, beyond operations floors and control rooms, to provide real-time monitoring views both internally and externally. SL continues to support such development and deployments today.

The creation of content-rich and highly interactive GUIs or HMIs required by advanced control and monitoring systems can be easily and interactively edited using SL-GMSDraw. This tool enables rapid prototyping by allowing users to immediately preview the behaviors of their dynamic GUI in development using simulated data. Graphic models created with SL-GMSDraw can easily be reused among the other C++ and Microsoft .NET based SL-GMS products, providing a unified solution for advanced control and monitoring systems in different frameworks.

Java code from SL-GMSDraw editor can be transparently deployed in a Java applet/Web browser, or as a Java application via Java Web Start or Desktop control. In addition, custom dynamic graphic objects can be generated to import into SL’s RTView Core Builder, a Real-Time Data Management System Tool for monitoring distributed enterprise applications.

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