Sauce Labs Launches "Sauce Start" Service
August 09, 2018

Sauce Labs announced the launch of Continuous Testing Services to help organizations accelerate their journey toward automation and continuous testing.

The new program presents a variety of options for teams of all sizes and skill levels to accelerate their testing efforts and improve the quality of their apps. The flagship service, called Sauce Start, is for organizations beginning their move to continuous testing, but that don’t yet have a foundation for test automation in place.

With 10 years of experience in continuous testing across a range of topics related to Selenium, Appium and automation best practices, Sauce Labs has the expertise to provide enterprise teams with the knowledge and services they need to succeed with test automation.

“The value of continuous testing is clear -- faster releases, higher quality digital experiences and increased loyalty,” said Manuel Ruiz, VP of Customer Success at Sauce Labs. “However, many organizations struggle to get started with continuous testing, delaying their ability to realize this value. Sauce Labs has a wealth of knowledge, with decades of combined experience in automated testing, and our customers have come to view us as a trusted advisor in their journey to continuous testing. With Continuous Testing Services becoming a formalized program, we can give even more organizations and our partners the tools that they need to accelerate their delivery pipelines and improve the quality of their apps.”

One of the programs being launched in conjunction with Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Services, Sauce Start, is a six to eight week engagement for teams shifting to continuous testing and embarking on their journey to implement automated testing. Participants will be able to develop an end-to-end test automation solution leveraging modern technologies, integrate automation best practices into their development environment, and receive access to education for developing a long-term plan that can be scaled out after the program ends. Automation is a large undertaking, and these new programs will ensure enterprise teams have the resources and expertise they need to succeed.

Through Sauce Start and other Continuous Testing Services, current and prospective customers receive access to Sauce Labs’ automation experts and solution architects, who can provide guidance and best practices for building out automation. Customers have access to a number of services throughout their continuous testing journey, which include: Focused Code Review, Framework Assessment, Test Strategy Assessment, and CI/CD with Test Automation. These programs combined with Sauce Labs’ expansive partner network, which offer a range of services for organizations building out automation, makes it easier for enterprise organizations to begin their journey to continuous testing.

Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Services are offered as a part of the Continuous Testing Cloud.

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