Puppet Announces PuppetConf 2016 Speaker Lineup
June 16, 2016

Puppet announced the speaker lineup for PuppetConf 2016 in San Diego, CA, 19 - 21 October.

Whether attendees are looking to adopt cloud practices, PaaS, DevOps, microservices or containers, PuppetConf 2016 will get practitioners and IT leaders alike where they need to be, faster.

Register for PuppetConf 2016 by 30 June to save $350.

PuppetConf 2016 is a two-plus day conference that will include in-person training, more than 80 education sessions, the opportunity to connect with more than 100 expert speakers, 1,700 people, and practical strategies and techniques attendees can use to thrive in today’s software-driven world. Attendees can also register for pre-conference activities that start October 17, including Puppet-led training and certification sessions and the Contributor Summit. The conference features a wider than ever range of content, with in-depth sessions and Puppet training for everyone, including beginners, intermediate and expert Puppet users.

PuppetConf 2016 sessions will include:

- Case study: Puppets in the government - Kathy Lee (Bonneville Power Administration)

- The DevOps Handbook: Codifying DevOps Practices - Gene Kim (IT Revolution), Jez Humble (DevOps Research and Assessment), and John Willis (IT Revolution author)

- Kubernetes for Sysadmins - Kelsey Hightower (Google)

- Multitenant Puppet at Scale - John Jawed (eBay)

- The long twisty road to automation: Implementing Puppet at the University of Saskatchewan - Jennifer Hadley (University of Saskatchewan)

- Scaling Puppet and Puppet Culture - Kevin Paulisse (GitHub)

In addition to a great speaker lineup, PuppetConf 2016 will include:

- In-person Training - Training for all levels begins three days before the PuppetConf 2016 opening keynote. Classes include Intro to Puppet, Puppet Fundamentals, Puppetizing Infrastructure, Puppet Practitioner, and Puppet Architect. Training tickets include a free PuppetConf 2016 pass.

- Puppet Contributor Summit - This one day event on Wednesday, October 19, is for the community to hack on projects, fix bugs, contribute to documentation and discuss Puppet with other community members. Pre­-registration for the Contributor Summit and PuppetConf 2016 is required to attend.

- Puppet Partner Summit - With specific tracks for Channel, Business Development and Service Delivery, Puppet partners will have the opportunity to hear from some of our most successful partners, discuss best practices and network with Puppet executives and sales leaders.

- Networking - With more than 1,700 people from various roles, PuppetConf 2016 is a fantastic opportunity to engage with Puppet and its incredible community.

- Sunny San Diego - Enjoy the beautiful setting: lace up your shoes for the Puppet 5K run/walk, join Puppet at the Wave House for the Puppet Party located on the beach boardwalk with wave pools, live music, food and drink, and more!

Puppet will be joined at PuppetConf 2016 by its sponsors including: Arista, Cisco, CloudBolt Software, Column Technologies, Cumulus Networks, Example42, LogicMonitor, Onyx Point, Inc., PagerDuty, QA Consulting, Red Hat, SignalFx, VictorOps, and more.

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