PubNub Announces Muter Plugin for ChatEngine
November 15, 2018

PubNub announced a Muter plugin for ChatEngine, giving chat users fine-grain control over who can send them chat messages and who cannot.

Muting functionality is an expected feature of any chat application today, both for one-to-one private chat and for public chat feeds with potentially thousands of participants. Chat users expect and demand safety controls to silence and block other individual users directly.

Muter joins ChatEngine's suite of safety and moderation features. ChatEngine gives developers access to integratable partner Blocks, which are pre-built components that run serverlessly in the PubNub network. This includes Sift Ninja, a service that analyzes chat messages for vulgarity, bullying, racism, and abuse, and automatically blocks the message from being received; as well as Neutrino Profanity Filter, which detects profane words and automatically censors them.

"Empowering chat providers to protect their users by giving them the tools and building in intelligent moderation is mission critical for ChatEngine. Cyberbullying and online abuse are very real challenges for chat businesses, and we are dedicated to providing features and functionality that enable our customers to deliver safe chat environments. Muter and our moderation Blocks are built to do exactly that," said Simon Jones, VP of Marketing at PubNub.

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