Portworx Releases PX-Enterprise 2.0
December 04, 2018

Portworx announced the availability of PX-Enterprise 2.0, the most significant new release to-date of its comprehensive cloud native storage and data management solution for running stateful containers in production.

The two most significant updates are PX-Motion and PX-Central.

PX-Motion allows Kubernetes users to migrate application data and Kubernetes pod configurations between clusters enabling cloud migration, backup & recovery, blue-green deployments and more.

PX-Central enables enterprises to manage their Kubernetes application data with embedded monitoring and metrics directly from the Portworx dashboard.

Together these updates empower enterprises to overcome the biggest barriers to hybrid- and multi-cloud adoption, as well as manage and protect containerized applications, including their mission critical data, from a single platform.

PX-Enterprise 2.0 fulfills the promise of containers and multi-cloud adoption by solving data portability across all major enterprise container platforms and arming enterprises with tools that allow them to visualize the state of their Kubernetes applications' data.

"Since PX-Enterprise was first released, we have seen a large increase in the scale and complexity of applications being run in containers. However, Kubernetes does not inherently provide data management. Without solving data mobility, hybrid- and multi-cloud Kubernetes deployments will never be mainstream for the vast majority of enterprise applications," said Murli Thirumale, co-founder and CEO of Portworx. "Portworx was built from the ground up to provide cloud-native storage and data management for Kubernetes. With 2.0, we have further enhanced the platform and are equipping enterprises with the tools they need to scale data across clouds and have deeper insight into the state of their applications, so they can deploy containerized applications faster and more securely."

PX-Motion: With PX-Motion, Portworx solves the data portability problem for applications running on Kubernetes by enabling users to migrate application data and configuration between clusters across hybrid- and multi-cloud environments. This enables entirely automated workflows like backup and recovery of Kubernetes applications, blue-green deployments for stateful applications, and easier reproducibility for debugging errors in production. Now, IT teams are able to automate their entire multi-cloud infrastructure, including their storage and data management capabilities enabling rapid container production deployment at scale.

PX-Central: PX-Central is a single pane of glass for management, monitoring and metadata services across multiple Portworx clusters in hybrid- and multi-cloud environments built on Kubernetes. With PX-Central, enterprises can easily manage the state of their hybrid- and multi-cloud Kubernetes applications with embedded monitoring and metrics directly in the Portworx user interface. Additionally, DevOps users can control and visualize the state of an ongoing migration at a per-application level using custom policies.

PX-Enterprise 2.0 is available now.

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