Parasoft Announces New Partner, Auriga, to Accelerate Services of Embedded Software Test Automation
August 08, 2019

Parasoft announced a partnership with Auriga, enabling Auriga clients to achieve reduced time-to-market by leveraging Parasoft’s automated software testing tool suite, ensuring quality at each stage of the SDLC.

Auriga is a provide of outsourced R&D for testing, including device prototyping and emulation; automated and interoperability testing; and system validation and verification services. Parasoft and Auriga focus on helping organizations scale their test automation practice, with tools for static analysis and unit testing for Java, C/C++, and .NET development; application security testing; IoT-focused API testing; and service virtualization.

In today’s competitive landscape, organizations face immense pressure to deliver high-quality software quickly, and at a lower cost. This partnership brings together Parasoft’s automated testing solutions with Auriga’s consulting services, helping customers successfully face today’s most strategic development initiatives ─ such as safety-critical testing, continuous testing, Agile/DevOps, and security.

"Sophisticated embedded solutions have been Auriga’s core business since its inception, and new trends like Industry 4.0, IIoT, and machine learning have only increased the demand for reliable, highly qualified, and knowledgeable service providers. But to develop outstanding products, you need not only the right skills but also the right tools," said Vyacheslav Vanyulin, CEO at Auriga. "Because most of our projects involve R&D, and we are frequently outstepping the general knowledge horizon, our engineers need the best toolkit. That’s where Parasoft comes in. Parasoft’s tool suite is key for developing high-quality system products and creating pioneering prototypes. We are honored to be recognized as a Parasoft partner and are very enthusiastic about the amazing support of Parasoft team."

Organizations developing medical device software rely on static analysis from Parasoft and partners like Auriga to make FDA approval possible, including simply interpreting the requirements from the FDA, which can itself be extremely challenging. As the FDA adds more cybersecurity requirements in their new software validation guidance, medical device manufacturers require effective adoption and usage of static analysis, which is the most effective way to address safety and security concerns and deliver predictable software.

"Parasoft has been working with Auriga through our joint customers for several years, including many notable companies from the medical device industry, and we have seen Auriga’s diverse and deep experience in deploying our solutions, as well as helping our customers create and maintain test artifacts needed for safety-critical products," said David Hauck, Director of Embedded Sales at Parasoft. "With Auriga’s team beside us, we have a greater capability to assist in the safety-critical testing activities for which in-house teams have limited expertise."

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