OverOps Adds New CI/CD Integrations
August 14, 2019

OverOps announced new CI/CD integrations that empower organizations to shift left in their approach to software quality and block unstable releases from impacting customers.

Responding to the growing need to detect code-level issues earlier in the software release cycle, OverOps' new support for popular CI/CD tools including Jenkins, TeamCity and Bamboo, enables organizations to identify critical issues in pre-production – including errors missed by other forms of testing – and automatically stop bad code from being promoted.

Organizations are increasingly adopting a shift-left approach to software quality and incorporating more automation into their QA processes. However, even the most cutting-edge testing and code quality practices require an impossible amount of foresight to detect all potential failure scenarios. This means unknown code-level issues still frequently slip into production, negatively impacting customers and business outcomes.

New OverOps integrations with Jenkins, JetBrains TeamCity, Atlassian Bamboo and Pivotal Concourse help organizations take a proactive approach to code quality by acting as a system of intelligence within the CI/CD pipeline. OverOps analyzes code at runtime to identify all new, increasing, resurfaced and critical errors in a release – even those missed by test automation. From there, the OverOps platform generates a code quality report that takes into account all severe issues with the potential to impact end users and application functionality. OverOps quality gates within the CI/CD pipeline help determine if code is safe to promote, and automatically block unstable releases from moving forward to production. Issues are then routed back to the right developer to resolve using OverOps True Root Cause, eliminating finger pointing between Dev and QA.

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