Opsera Extends Unified Insights and Actionable Intelligence for GitHub Actions Workflows
November 03, 2022

Opsera, the Continuous Orchestration platform for DevOps, has extended its Unified Insights module to support GitHub Actions.

This is the first plug-and-play option for real-time, consolidated and contextualized intelligence across the GitHub Actions workflow for CI/CD.

With this integration, enterprises now have complete visibility and actionable data to better understand and proactively address issues that can hinder time-to-market, team productivity and competitive advantage. DevOps teams should consider GitHub Actions an essential tool, helping to streamline nearly every aspect of the application development process.

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"The challenge with GitHub Actions is dealing with the superabundance of information from GitHub Actions as well as many other DevOps systems. Managers and Developers alike may be drowning in data, or worse, have no visibility into the data," said Kumar Chivukula, CEO of Opsera. "DevOps teams need not only a deeper level of intelligence, but they need centralized visibility and actionable intelligence to quickly address bottlenecks, inefficiencies and workflow issues. By integrating GitHub Actions with Opsera Unified Insights, users gain insights across GitHub Actions and all the tools needed for data-driven DevOps maturity improving security, velocity and getting ahead of DORA KPIs."

Actionable GitHub Actions Intelligence with Opsera Unified Insights

Opsera Unified Insights with GitHub Actions can reduce risk, speed cycle time, and help drive continuous improvement by:

- Measuring DevOps maturity against DORA metrics and security and quality KPIs

- Presenting persona-based dashboards for Executives, Managers and Developers

- Monitoring pipeline KPIs and creating pipeline compliance reporting

- Establishing strategic thresholds for key KPIs

- Supplying KPI dashboards to show results and graphs along with alerts and notifications

- Providing clickable views of workflow actions with jobs and steps

With Opsera's GitHub Actions Insights, product and engineering teams can measure GitHub Actions CI/CD workflow KPIs in real-time across jobs and stop software builds and deployments that don't follow pipeline compliances. Opsera's platform enables enterprises to track pipeline compliance and maintain integrity across the software supply chain. With 360-degree visibility and quicker feedback loops and reporting, engineering managers, developers and business stakeholders can optimize development resources and do more with less.

"It's eye-opening and incredibly insightful to visualize GitHub Actions KPIs and other analytics that are helping us understand the scale at which our developer community is adapting to the workflows within GitHub," said a Director of DevOps from a Fortune 100 credit card service company. "Opsera provides valuable metrics to help make iterative improvements. I'm glad Opsera is leading on this front and bringing value to my organization."

GitHub Actions plug-and-play is one of hundreds of out-of-the-box integrations included with Opsera Unified Insights. Opsera Unified Insights streamlines the Detect to Correct (D2C) process by bringing together disparate tools to deliver a single source of truth. This includes performance tracking and searchable logs and build blueprints across all tools and teams. With real-time reports for every tool and cloud, tailored to each team member, there are no more surprises and best practices scale up. Opsera is the only solution that provides these unified insights so easily across all DevOps tools.

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