OpsClarity Introduces Intelligent Operations Platform
December 10, 2015

OpsClarity launched the OpsClarity Intelligent Operations Platform, an advanced platform that brings intelligence to operations for modern web-scale applications.

The new offering applies innovations in big data analytics and data science to dynamically adapt to, and learn, every component of a company’s web-scale applications and infrastructure. The platform is able to process and visualize massive amounts of data in real time and extract key insights needed for DevOps teams to achieve the operational speed and agility that have been key drivers of success for the largest web-scale companies in the world.

The OpsClarity Intelligent Operations Platform provides monitoring and analytics for dynamic web-scale applications, helping DevOps teams intelligently understand and troubleshoot issues in their changing environments in real time. The new platform “thinks” like the most experienced operations architect – automatically detecting application architecture and system relationships, applying built-in domain knowledge about modern application stacks and relevant service metrics, and understanding and visualizing real-time operational data in a powerful and intuitive way. The OpsClarity Intelligent Operations Platform acts as an expert assistant to DevOps teams, starting with sophisticated monitoring and adding:

- Unified data visibility, an automatic configuration, integration and collection of metrics, events, alerts, processes and network data to help DevOps teams see their application and infrastructure data in one place

- Operational Knowledge Graph, a dynamic application architecture map enhanced with expert operational knowledge, an understanding of relationships between services, and continuously learned performance baselines for all system components

- Context-aware UI, a hyper-interactive visual interface that enables immediate understanding of system component health, prioritized anomalies, and service-level metrics – all within the context of the application map

- Proactive insights and investigation, a highly-specific and actionable anomaly detection and event correlation capability that allows for rapid root cause analysis

“Companies are rushing to embrace the web-scale application architectural paradigm,” said Dhruv Jain, Co-Founder and CEO of OpsClarity. “But they will never fully realize its benefits unless their operations can keep up with the tremendous change, scale and complexity of these modern applications. Our goal is to provide DevOps teams with the most sophisticated set of tools for visualizing, understanding and troubleshooting performance issues for complex web-scale applications and infrastructure – even as everything is continuously changing.”

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