OpsClarity Emerges from Stealth
December 03, 2015

OpsClarity, an operations analytics and monitoring company, emerged from stealth and announced its Intelligent Operations Platform, designed to help DevOps teams intelligently understand and troubleshoot issues in their rapidly changing web-scale application environments.

The OpsClarity technical team includes veterans in data science, large-scale systems engineering, and data visualization, with decades of experience building core relevance algorithms and cloud-scale infrastructures for companies like Yahoo, eBay, Twitter and Google. The team’s goal is to bring the operational sophistication that has been a key driver of success for these Internet giants to every company using web-scale technologies to run their business in this modern software-driven world.

“Our vision is to build intelligent, data-driven software for today’s DevOps teams,” said Dhruv Jain, Co-Founder and CEO of OpsClarity. “The rise of cloud-native services and web-scale application architectures has resulted in massive change, scale and complexity challenges for operations. Managing this requires a next-generation solution that can automatically adapt to, and understand, dynamic application environments and proactively surface actionable insights. We are leveraging our roots in data science and large-scale streaming analytics to build a smart solution that brings new levels of visibility, focus and productivity to modern software operations.”

OpsClarity has raised $11M in Series A funding, led by NEA, one of the world’s largest and most active venture capital firms. Additional top-tier investors include Pinnacle Ventures, AME Cloud, Morado Venture Partners and other well-known angels. The funding will be used to expand the company’s engineering team and ramp up go-to-market efforts.

“At NEA, we see how web-scale applications have become a fundamental enabler of speed and agility for next-generation consumer and enterprise businesses,” said Krishna “Kittu” Kolluri, General Partner of NEA. “But moving to this new architectural paradigm requires next-generation operations software that can provide the visibility and understanding needed for real-time troubleshooting. OpsClarity is using their deep expertise in data science and large-scale data infrastructure to shift the operations paradigm from query-based tools to a platform for proactive insights – one that automatically and continuously understands today’s massive volume of operational data and delivers actionable insights to modern DevOps teams.”

The OpsClarity team of experts collectively holds nearly 50 patents in data science, machine learning and data visualization. The team includes technologists who built the Yahoo! Search cluster management and deployment infrastructure, architected the eBay cloud platform, built anomaly detection systems at Twitter, and developed core search algorithms at Yahoo, Google and Facebook.

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