New EMA Research Examines DevOps and Continuous Software Delivery in the Digital Economy
December 17, 2015

Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), a leading IT and data management research and consulting firm, released a new research report titled Automating for Digital Transformation: Tools-Driven DevOps and Continuous Software Delivery in the Enterprise, based on criteria defined by Julie Craig, research director of application management at EMA.

“This new research report uncovers current best practices for DevOps and Continuous Delivery in high-performing companies, and evaluates the role of tools in promoting a growing digital economy,” said Craig. “The findings provide ample ammunition for developing priorities for both DevOps-related and Continuous Delivery tools acquisitions in 2016.”

EMA has been tracking the rise of Agile development, cross-functional collaborations (DevOps), and Continuous Delivery for more than five years. During this time frame, DevOps has solidified its place in the IT lexicon; more than 80% of companies now report the formation of cross-functional teams supporting application development and delivery. Moreover, both Agile and DevOps have become essential elements contributing to the rise of Continuous Delivery; Agile accelerates the speed at which software is created while DevOps “greases the wheels,” facilitating software delivery and support at scale.

The ability of IT organizations to accelerate software delivery has become a primary factor supporting the explosion of innovation that has occurred over the past five years. Consumers have become empowered by mobility and social media, while businesses have become empowered by insights drawn from big data and advanced analytics. These trends, contributing to the larger concept of the “Digital Economy,” are igniting a new level of interest in the benefits of delivering software faster, more efficiently, and at higher levels of quality than ever before.

At the same time, as the pace of business continues to accelerate, business leaders are increasingly recognizing the value of digital transformation initiatives. A great deal of momentum is being driven by executives seeking rapid transformation of the products and processes sustaining business growth. In essence, digital transformation requires transformation on the part of both IT and business, and both must be in sync for true transformation to occur.

Based on survey data gathered from technology professionals on the front lines of application delivery, this new research report builds on earlier EMA research on these same topics and:

- Assesses the degree of alignment between IT and business

- Uncovers best practices for DevOps and Continuous Delivery in high performing companies

- Evaluates the role of tools in promoting a growing Digital Economy