MulesSoft Introduces Anypoint API Community Manager with New Release of Anypoint Platform
May 20, 2019

MuleSoft announced the next major release of Anypoint Platform with the launch of Anypoint API Community Manager and other significant advancements across the platform.

API Community Manager combines a full-featured API portal and industry-leading digital experience capabilities, transforming how teams collaborate across the entire lifecycle of an API program. Companies can easily build connected digital experiences for their API products with API Community Manager, empowering anyone to quickly begin collaborating and co-creating value with a broader ecosystem of developers, partners and employees.

With this release, MuleSoft further extends MuleSoft Catalyst with Catalyst Mobilize, a packaged set of proven best practices and methodologies built on experience working with thousands of organizations across industries. Now any company can create and nurture a thriving API ecosystem in order to open new business channels, launch new business models and increase operational efficiency.

“In this digital age, companies must shift their mindset around APIs from a technology to a strategic business approach to create value for their customers and get ahead of the competition. This requires an organization to understand its partners and developers and build API products that directly meet their needs. It also requires delivering digital experiences that turn developers into evangelists by providing them what they need to be successful,” said Mark Dao, CPO, MuleSoft. “This release represents an important moment in the industry – providing companies with both the product and organizational capabilities to easily build and engage API ecosystems so they can innovate faster and deliver business value together with their partners and developers.”

With the release of API Community Manager, companies can create customized digital experiences that promote API products, support API ecosystems and increase engagement between developers, partners and employees – all in a single product without writing any code.

API Community Manager extends MuleSoft’s Anypoint Exchange, allowing organizations to build on the assets that they already have and meet the expanded needs of a broader set of cross-functional stakeholders, including developers, partners, API product managers and other line-of-business users.

Anypoint API Community Manager includes the capabilities to:

- Build API portals in minutes with out-of-the-box templates

- Customize API portals to create engaging, pixel-perfect branded experiences

- Personalize these branded experiences based on the API consumer's role and needs

- Foster communities of partners and developers that ultimately drive API adoption

- Auto-populate interactive API documentation from Anypoint Exchange

- Increase developer engagement through forums, chat and case management

- Measure ecosystem engagement and track API program business metrics, including cost savings, revenue generated and most popular APIs

MuleSoft also combines digital experience capabilities with a packaged approach to defining an API strategy. MuleSoft Catalyst is an operating model that enables customers to adopt a methodical approach to integration known as API-led connectivity. With this release, Catalyst Mobilize is expanded to provide a guided approach to establishing an API strategy, from planning API programs and creating a foundation for a digital business to building a digital platform and measuring the value of integration and APIs. It includes proven best practices, playbooks, API program workshops, and API strategy blueprints based on MuleSoft’s expertise working with more than 1,600 customers globally.

The Anypoint Platform May 2019 release also includes additional advancements in API management:

- Automated policies: secure any API with policies that can be automatically applied and audited for compliance

- API products: simplify API consumption and management by grouping multiple APIs as products

- Business operations dashboard: track how API products or individual APIs are contributing to the overall success of an API program through a customizable dashboard that tracks revenue, order volume, unique customers and more

Other significant enhancements include:

- Anypoint Flow Designer: 10 new, prebuilt templates to automate common tasks across Salesforce, Slack, Box, Twilio and Google Drive

- Anypoint Partner Manager: fully-integrated B2B solution that simplifies partner management through partner onboarding templates, transaction tracking, and monitoring across APIs and EDI transactions

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