MuleSoft Delivers the Next Major Release of Anypoint Platform
October 04, 2018

MuleSoft announced the next major release of Anypoint Platform, bringing the power of the application network graph to every customer.

Just as the social graph revolutionized the way people access information about each other and the world, the application network graph transforms the way companies can access information about their applications and systems. The power of the application network lies in its graph, which contains metadata of the application network, its components and its operational characteristics. Now any company can leverage machine learning, get real-time insights and apply advanced security through the application network graph embedded in Anypoint Platform. With this new release, MuleSoft extends its innovation, transforming how organizations unlock data – whether in the cloud or on-premises – to fundamentally increase their speed of change and innovation.

Organizations are being required to connect an ever-increasing number of applications, data and devices to create entirely new customer experiences and revenue channels, especially as new competitors enter the market and disrupt existing business models. By building an application network, companies can fundamentally increase their pace of innovation. With instant fine-grained visibility into information across the application network through its graph, organizations gain deeper insights that are otherwise incredibly difficult to obtain in today’s enterprises.

The latest release of Anypoint Platform helps users leverage insights from the application network graph, delivering increased speed of development, actionable visibility and security by design. The application network graph is embedded in three major components of the platform – Anypoint Design Center, Anypoint Visualizer and Anypoint Monitoring.

Highlights of the Anypoint Platform October 2018 release include:

- Machine learning for data mapping: To automatically provide data mapping recommendations, Anypoint Design Center’s flow designer applies machine learning to the mappings from the application network graph. Automapping recommendations dramatically accelerates the speed of development for organizations, providing suggested transformations and allowing users to further tailor them to fit their organization’s business processes.

- Automatic holistic view of APIs and integrations: Anypoint Visualizer automatically builds a holistic view of an organization’s APIs and integrations using the knowledge from the application network graph. Visualizer is further enhanced with data from Anypoint Monitoring, providing the ability to troubleshoot issues quickly. By segmenting the view by average response time, errors and throughput, users can understand where issues may emerge before they happen and pinpoint the root cause when they do arise.

- Expanded suite of API management policies: As an application network expands, so does the number of users, traffic and access points, which can increase the vulnerability of the network. That is why it is important to apply security at every layer, embedding security into API designs, tokenizing data at rest and in transit, and applying policies on individual APIs and at the edge. With this release, MuleSoft is introducing new API policies into the application network graph that provide additional layers of security and control. These policies can be easily applied with clicks, not code, helping users increase their security posture to prevent breaches, such as DoS attacks.

“Today, the ability to build an application network defines the success of an organization. With the latest release of Anypoint Platform, organizations can now benefit from the application network graph, which allows unprecedented visibility and insights to make impactful decisions on how IT can best operate and scale to support the business,” said Mark Dao, CPO, MuleSoft. “We’re excited to continue bringing innovations to our customers, so they can move beyond tactical IT projects and really change the way they operate and accelerate the attainment of their business goals.”

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