Mobile Labs Adds Support for LogiGear TestArchitect
September 19, 2016

Mobile Labs' deviceConnect mobile device cloud has added support for LogiGear’s TestArchitect mobile test automation platform for both Android and iOS devices using Mac or Windows workstations.

Engineers running TestArchitect can now test, share, and collaborate using real mobile devices hosted in a deviceConnect cloud that supports both manual and automated testing. Mobile Labs’ deviceBridge add-on enables TestArchitect users to access the deviceConnect secure device cloud.

“Mobile web and app digital experiences are key enablers of the digital transformation underway in enterprise businesses,” said Don Addington, President and CEO of Mobile Labs. “Our support for TestArchitect gives deviceConnect users access to powerful tools for improving development velocity and application quality through comprehensive, automated testing. TestArchitect adds to the growing list of development and test automation tools that can be used with deviceConnect to rapidly field world-class digital experiences.”

Support for TestArchitect further enhances deviceConnect's market-leading support for leading mobile app development and test automation tools. Customers will be able to take advantage of its simplicity and integrated test automation capability and can scale up from individual tests to large-scale, parallel testing.

"The special benefit of deviceConnect with deviceBridge is the ability to provide access to cloud-based devices," said Addington. “In many cases, engineers are limited to one or two devices they have on the desk or must wait their turn to share a limited number of real devices. deviceConnect with the deviceBridge add-on gives them instant access to a large number of cloud-based real devices, eliminating waits and making it possible to improve the quality of digital experiences on the widest possible variety of devices.”

deviceConnect's expanding list of supported frameworks now includes not only developer tools such as Xcode and Android Developer Studio, but also mobile app test automation tools including HP's UFT, IBM's Rational, Appium (Selenium), Tricentis, Experitest, EggPlant, Jenkins, SOASTA, Calabash and most other tools that ordinarily use USB-attached devices.

deviceConnect, a private device cloud provides secure remote access to mobile devices for managed use by developers and testers, enabling automated continuous quality integration and app delivery, DevOps processes, as well as automated and manual app, web and device testing. With deviceBridge, an extension to deviceConnect, many test automation frameworks and developer tools used for checkout and debugging can retain cloud-based devices as if locally connected by USB. For such tools, deviceBridge serves as a “virtual USB cable” connecting cloud-based device(s) to a local laptop or server over Ethernet (LAN or WAN).

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