Logentries Launches "Ultimate" Docker Dashboard for DevOps
October 06, 2015

Logentries launched a new set of dashboards for Docker, bringing dynamic visualization capabilities to within a single click for containerized environments.

Docker users can simply aggregate their log data and utilize dynamic time-slice views of their Docker log data to obtain critical insights into system performance. The new views enabled SysAdmins to slice their data by minutes, hours, days or other time periods to quickly identify rare events and outlier issues, thereby helping to quickly identify and resolve potential problems.

“We worked very closely with the Logentries’ user community to develop the ultimate Docker dashboard, which includes new Logentries Query Language (LEQL) extensions for viewing custom time slices of log data, and visualizing outlier, rare and other unique events,” said Trevor Parsons, Chief Scientist, Logentries. “Logentries users can simply plug in their Docker log data and receive out-of-the-box visualizations in an easy-to-use interface – regardless of the amount of data or number of Docker containers.”

The new Docker dashboard offers unprecedented visualization enhancements for the Docker community, enabling users to diagnose and remediate performance issues in real time, while providing a complete performance and audit trail of all their environments. With a single click, customizable dashboard views provide insights into container trends and resource usage statistics including CPU, disk, network, memory etc.

This latest update to the Logentries’ Docker offering extends existing log management and analytics functionality already available for Docker, including pre-canned queries, alerts, tags and more. The new Docker Dashboard is automatically included for existing Logentries customers.

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