LinearB Releases Free DORA Metrics Dashboards
October 03, 2023

LinearB announced the release of free DORA Metrics dashboards.

This extension of the LinearB platform innovation gives every company free insights into their team's performance through Deployment Frequency, Mean Lead Time for Changes, Mean Time to Recover, and Change Failure Rate.

Anyone with a free LinearB account can access their team's DORA dashboards without limitations on the number of users or connected Git repos. Paid subscribers receive extended data retention and look-back configurations alongside additional engineering metrics such as Resource Allocation and Project Delivery, which allow engineering leaders to map their R&D investments to business priorities and forecast their project deliverables with higher accuracy and less risk.

With this release, LinearB is delivering an enterprise-grade DORA metrics solution free of charge.

Out of the box, all users will receive:

- The four DORA Metrics: Deployment Frequency, Mean Lead Time for Changes, Mean Time to Recover, and Change Failure Rate

- Unlimited contributors, repos & in-app performance benchmarks

- Additional leading indicator metrics, including Merge Frequency and Pull Request Size, to better predict team performance and assess their Developer Experience (DX).

"Our mission is to help every development team in the world become more operationally efficient and maximize their impact on the bottom line," said LinearB CEO and co-founder Ori Keren. "Teams will never achieve elite performance without access to critical metrics that help them benchmark and measure their output against the rest of the industry. By offering DORA Metrics to the community for free, we give everyone the foundational visibility they need to improve their efficiency and align their work to business results."

Users can sign up for LinearB's Early Access program now. Users will be given access to their DORA dashboards in waves, leading to General Availability in late Fall.

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