Latest Couchbase Capella Release Announced
June 01, 2023

Couchbase announced a broad range of enhancements to its Database-as-a-Service Couchbase Capella™.

The newest release of Capella will be accessible by popular developer platform Netlify and features a new Visual Studio Code (VS Code) extension, making it easier for developers and development teams to build modern applications on Capella, streamline their workflows and increase productivity. Coinciding with National Cloud Database Day, Couchbase is also extending its enterprise deployability and introducing new features, allowing customers to move more applications to Capella with a lower TCO.

Couchbase is extending Capella to more of the developer platform ecosystem that is highly favored by frontend and full stack developers.

The new integration for Capella makes it easy for developers to connect to Netlify for more simplified and agile web application development. In addition, the new VS Code extension is designed to provide a seamless experience for Capella users who want to work within the popular source-code editor. These ecosystem enhancements are now available and reduce friction so that developers can focus on building innovative modern apps.

“Netlify's platform unites an extensive ecosystem of technologies, services and APIs into one workflow to empower developers to build composable web experiences with the tools that best suit their needs. In this way, Netlify meets their users where they are, allowing them to embrace the composable web in a manner that respects their existing businesses, while also balancing flexibility and enterprise-grade reliability. I’m a strong believer that when the ecosystem wins, we all win. That’s why we’re so excited to deepen our ties with Couchbase to strengthen and diversify the ecosystem of tools developers are using to build the modern web,” said Chris Bach, co-founder and chief strategy and creative officer at Netlify.

Couchbase is also broadening Capella’s enterprise features and deployability so customers can move more applications to the cloud database platform. The new Capella enhancements deliver the following benefits:

- Support for time series data. A new time series array function in Couchbase’s support for JSON will enable a broader set of use cases, such as IoT or finance apps. By using time series arrays, Couchbase is able to utilize all of its data access, processing and storage features including its patented array indexing and high-density storage engine. This approach will enable development teams to quickly and easily extend new features to their applications without adding complexity to their architecture or infrastructure, allowing them to be more agile and productive while driving cost efficiency.

- Extending deployability of Capella. Couchbase has added over 10 new supported regions across the three major cloud service providers and larger instance sizes. Capella is also available directly in each of their marketplaces. Capella adds support for memory-only buckets (ephemeral databases) for caching and transient data use cases. Security and compliance capabilities are enhanced through Google Cloud HIPAA compliance and with private endpoints for Azure.

- Enhanced management. Managing Capella is even easier now with the introduction of dynamic disk scaling, hibernation of clusters and the enabling of downloadable buckets. Also new is change data capture, which recognizes and automates change history on documents. This is then streamable via Kafka to other applications.

These enhancements collectively position Capella as a single, comprehensive cloud database platform that offers broad multimodel support and in-memory performance — a powerful combination that lowers TCO for customers.

“We continue to broaden the Capella capabilities and make it easier for new developers to come on board and take advantage of our industry-leading cloud database platform,” said Scott Anderson, SVP of product management and business operations at Couchbase. “Development teams can get started with Capella more quickly and do more with our cloud database platform, improving efficiency and productivity. And for operations teams, Capella becomes even easier to deploy and manage while broadened enterprise capabilities handle more workloads at a fraction of the cost compared to other document-based DBaaS offerings.”

The new release of Capella will be generally available in the second quarter.

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