Innovation Lab by Exadel Now Supports Full Chatbot Development
June 13, 2019

Exadel announced the Innovation Lab by Exadel fully supports chatbot application development.

In a matter of weeks, organizations can build and test a fully integrated chatbot prototype against their business strategy.

The Innovation Lab's cloud-based mobile development platform eliminates complexity and overhead of building UI and standard BE features allowing users to concentrate on chatbot implementation, producing POC in weeks rather than months. The Innovation Lab saves technical leaders time, money and resources when it comes to determining which emerging technologies, like chatbot, are right for their organization.

The Innovation Lab offers full implementation of chatbot built into the platform. This chatbot can be trained and fine-tuned to meet business needs with no code written.

Chatbot functionality is fully integrated with the rest of the platform (UI builder and MBaaS) via REST services. Using the platform low code features, a fully functional chatbot app can be prototyped within weeks.

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