HP and Chef Partner on DevOps
September 24, 2015

"Our vision for a Composable Infrastructure is simple yet bold: provide customers with a public cloud experience with the hardware in their data center," said Paul Miller, VP of Marketing, Converged Data Center Infrastructure, HP Enterprise Group. "To achieve this, organizations must allow application developers to treat “infrastructure-as-code” that automates the provisioning of applications and their underlying operating system and infrastructure. HP OneView extends the infrastructure-as-code concept down to bare metal, spanning compute, storage and networking."

In the past, organizations had to provision their bare metal machines with a separate manual process that was time consuming and complex. These long cycles meant that IT was only able to roll out new functionality and services a few times per year. With the new Chef Provisioning Driver for HP OneView built with the open RESTful API, customers can use Chef to automatically provision entire application stacks from bare metal through application in minutes. This enables customers to treat infrastructure-as-code, allowing them to reduce the time spent on managing their environments and accelerate time-to-value.

Now, with the Chef Provisioning Driver for HP OneView, organizations can order physical infrastructure on-demand, from their private bare metal cloud using templates - or “recipes” - from HP OneView to bring unprecedented levels of agility to their data center. When new infrastructure is required, Chef simply invokes an HP OneView template through a single line of code in the same way as other virtual and cloud resources. By removing these manual processes, organizations can now innovate more continuously by delivering applications and IT services faster and more reliably than ever before.

The HP OneView-Chef solution is available today.

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