Fugue Platform and Fugue Risk Manager Merged Into Unified SaaS Solution
June 06, 2019

Fugue merged its two products — Fugue Platform and Fugue Risk Manager — into a unified Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. The merged product will simply be called Fugue.

The combined solution secures cloud infrastructure, delivers compliance assurance and reporting, and enables application teams to "shift left" to incorporate security and compliance early in the software development life cycle (SDLC). The announcement includes the Fugue API, which enables developers to integrate cloud infrastructure policy checks into CI/CD pipelines, and Fugue's cloud resource visualization tools, which provide auto-generated visualizations of cloud resources, configurations, and relationships, and helps teams understand and track change over time.

With this release, Fugue makes available the self-healing cloud infrastructure security technology developed in concert with the Intelligence Community (IC) in an easy to adopt and use commercial enterprise SaaS product. Fugue Platform customers now have the enhanced interface, compliance reporting capabilities, and faster time-to-value of Fugue's Risk Manager SaaS product. Fugue Risk Manager customers gain Fugue Platform's "shift left" capabilities to validate cloud infrastructure earlier in the SDLC using the Fugue API, and access to Fugue's cloud resource visualization tools. All Fugue customers continue to get the benefits of infrastructure baselining to establish a shared source of truth and trust for cloud security and compliance, detect drift, and make critical cloud resources self-healing.

The new Fugue release delivers on four critical enterprise cloud use cases:

- Shift Left on Cloud Infrastructure Security and Compliance. Developers can leverage the new Fugue API to automate policy validation for new cloud infrastructure environments and updates and get helpful information on violations in order to correct them quickly. Fugue's DevSecOps capabilities help application teams to move fast and safely while eliminating time-consuming approval processes and costly delivery delays that occur when compliance issues are discovered later in the SDLC.

- Establish Trust Between Cloud Stakeholders with Baselines. Fugue's baselining approach puts application, DevOps, security, and compliance teams on the same page regarding known-good cloud infrastructure environments. A baseline is a complete picture of cloud infrastructure that serves as a "contract" between teams for what should be running, and can be visualized to improve understanding of what's running in cloud environments and change when it occurs. With Fugue's baseline drift detection, security teams can identify potentially risky changes when they occur and developers can validate that approved changes have occurred as intended.

- Secure Critical Cloud Resources with Self-Healing Infrastructure. Fugue's automated remediation via baseline enforcement makes cloud infrastructure self-healing against misconfiguration by reverting drift back to the established baseline when it occurs. Fugue's self-healing infrastructure brings the Mean Time to Remediation (MTTR) for cloud misconfiguration down to minutes, protecting critical resources and data against the risk of data leaks, security breaches, and costly compliance violations. With Fugue, there's no need to write and maintain automation scripts or predict what could go wrong -- two requirements common with other automated remediation tools.

- Assure and Demonstrate Cloud Infrastructure Compliance. Fugue provides continuous and comprehensive enterprise cloud infrastructure compliance visibility and reporting for a number of policy frameworks, including CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark, GDPR, HIPAA, ISO 27001, NIST 800-53, PCI, and SOC 2. Fugue's cloud infrastructure compliance and visualization tools make completing audits across the entire enterprise cloud footprint faster and demonstrating compliance on demand easier.

"Fugue represents the evolution of our flagship product, but it's a revolution for enterprise cloud security and compliance," said Phillip Merrick, Fugue CEO. "As organizations expand their use of cloud, they need continuous visibility into their cloud environments, compliance assurance, and the ability to lock down security of critical data and resources. Fugue provides them with the automation tools they need to prevent cloud infrastructure misconfiguration and related data breaches while moving fast and supporting agility and innovation."

The latest Fugue SaaS product release is available now for all customers. Fugue will also be available to certain Fugue Platform customers to install and run in their own secure and managed environments, just as they do currently with Fugue Platform.

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