Exadel Updates Digital Transformation Practice
April 16, 2019

Exadel announced new updates to its Digital Transformation Practice (DTP).

The Exadel Digital Transformation Practice brings together expertise in modern application design and development (ADD) and now includes cloud-first and cloud-hybrid design, microservices architecture support, and DevOps and QA Automation services.

From decades of experience working with clients on software development projects, Exadel has developed a packaged solution focused on addressing modern technologies associated with successful digital transformation initiatives. This solution includes best practices around building a Kubernetes-based model for application development complete with automated deployments using the popular open source infrastructure-as-code software tool, Terraform, and baked-in best practices for QA automation and microservices development. Because it uses Terraform, the solution can be deployed to multiple cloud providers - it currently supports AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

It is available as a one-size-fits-all solution including:

- Firewall - using Bastion as a secure layer between the public internet and Demilitarized Zone (DMZ)

- DMZ - public subnet protecting internal resources

- Kubernetes-based App Infrastructure - deploy Kubernetes and container infrastructure including auto-scaling

- QA Automation Templates - containers hosting Selenium and QA automation technology

- Microservice Development Template - templates for global application service and local application service discovery

- Data Service Connectors - separate subnet for hosting data services for specific cloud providers

Each of these components can also be separated out and deployed independently to accelerate a more traditional DevOps engagement.

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